Time To Leave Iowa

I guess there's no other way to say it. After the recent non-raise at my company (despite being a top performer) & the limited opportunity this state even offers someone who wants a life, I just need to bite the bullet & leave.

I'm strongly considering just quitting my job, moving to SC & finishing out my degree. I'm basically miserable here & the job situation is only killing my motivation to do anything else. While I don't look forward to re-entering student status, there's really no other choice but to suck it up, get it finished & avoid working for a company that has been described as a "viper pit".

OK, I think that's extreme but certainly I can understand why some people here would feel that way.

I'm so distracted by this whole deal I'm sure my job performance will suffer, I've already started missing out on martial arts classes & I really don't want to get out of bed even on my days off. Honestly, I think the only cure is to get out of what I consider the depression capital of the mid-west.


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