You know, my brief training session with Liz really made me realize a new appreciation for my martial art of choice. I mean, I've always loved this thing I do & the people are great but now I know that I LOOOOOVE it!

There's not many better feelings than showing someone (trustworthy someone!) a technique & seeing that "AHA!" look on their face - It validates your efforts as a teacher. Additionally, it helps you return to the basics of the move & discover something that wasn't there before.

I won't go so far to say I'd like to have my own school (maybe if I relocate). I'm too happy with the people in my class & we have the most selfless instructor in the world. He puts all the students' training ahead of his own. Obviously, that can't continue forever - we've got a couple people in HKD that need to test soon - but it demonstrates his commitment through action.

Anyway, I'm thrilled to get an expanded perspective on Hapkido! It's something I feel has given even more to me than I've put in. For my effort in class I've gained new friends, ability in self-defense & confidence beyond what I've ever experienced before.

Think about that the next time you workout on a treadmill. :-)


Anonymous said...

With your enthusiasm well cemented are you ready for some throws tonight?


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