The Sopranos

So the show is running its last nine (9) episodes. I'll probably tune in just to see how it ends, though I don't have high hopes. HBO's other drama, Rome, is far better & offered a consistency the mafia drama hasn't shown since season two.

I think the point "Sopranos" lost me was season four. That whole thing was daytime soap opera-worthy. Disgusting. It seemed like every other scene involved Tony & Carmela with their crappy storyline.

Really, the first two seasons were wonderful. Even the most ardent fan has to admit the show has lost its brilliance. The acting is always superb but the plot has directed itself into a mire of disinterest - nothing grabs my attention anymore.

Let's face it: ever since James Gandolfini held out for more money prior to season four, the show took a huge dump on its audience.

I certainly hope the producers pull out a dramatic coup for this finale. Otherwise, we'll be scratching our collective heads in wonder of how they gave us the Mel Brooks treatment.


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