Double Trouble

Comedienne Whoopi Goldberg - who long ago forgot how to deliver teh funny - joined with over 100 Hollywood actors whackos in diminishing Roman Polanski's rape of a 13-year old girl in the 1970s. The wingnut declared, in typical leftist confusion, that Polanski didn't commit "rape-rape" - apparently, he "only" committed rape.

Wow, with that obvious post on the moral high ground as proof that rape isn't as bad as "rape-rape", I wonder what ways the left would defend the abominations of their other cohorts:

* Bill Clinton didn't have "sex-sex" with Monica Lewinsky.
* Jimmy Carter's presidency wasn't "lame-lame".
* Kanye West wasn't "rude-rude" when he took Taylor Swift's mic.
* Jenny Slate didn't say "f*ck-f*ck".
* The U.N. isn't "against-against" Israel's survival.
* The G20 protesters weren't "violent-violent" (um, that was the TEA party guys!)
* Charles Manson isn't "crazy-crazy".
* The public option isn't "bad-bad".

Any other ideas? Leave 'em in the comments...


Prius verses the competition

Cruising through in internet researching car info I ran across this little gem that I have modified to fit my deep dispise for dePrius.

Question: Head to head versus the competition how does the Prius (formerly known as the leCar) stack up?

Answer: (look closely.)


Deep Thoughts: Cash For Clunkers Positive Angle.

For those days when there is nothing better to do than to ponder through musings of a twisted mind.


I have decided to try to take a more positive look on the current hole we are in. So here we go:

The POSITIVE results in the Cash For Clunkers program:

It has taken thousands of Obama bumper stickers off the road...

How did I do?



Oh, They Can't?

Who says women can't drive?

That was a retired teacher, grandma who just ran a 9.74 1/4 mile in her GTO!!!

It Does Exist!

Waaay back, I doubted the very existence of Whataburger. My friends told me it didn't exist, people mocked me for believing in Whataburger. My life was filled with doubt, fear & worry that, in fact, there WAS no Whataburger!

I just didn't know how I could go on in a world where Whataburger wasn't real...

Then, like Sarah Palin setting liberals straight on big government, Mrs. Who stepped in & renewed my hope for a real Whataburger! I was overjoyed with a bolstered sense of hope & possibility in the world that, one day, I too might enjoy the delicious wonder that is the Whataburger!

Well, that day finally arrived! I have eaten the Whataburger & it was freakin' delicious! Thanks, Mrs. Who, for not letting me give up hope. :-)

Here's my proof Whataburger exists:

And here's my proof it is good:


This is just the sweetest little thing I have ever seen!

As a matter of fact, this Italian Teddy Bear is possibly cuter & cuddlier than I am!

Um, possibly NSFW if you have folks with tender ears...


Taking A Gamble

The trip to OK was a good one. We stayed in Springfield at Miss Hammy's brother's house & ate at Lambert's (the home of the Throwed Roll) - that place is just plain incredible! If you ever get the chance to eat there (there's also one in Foley,AL), I highly recommend it. You'll wait at least an hour to get in & the experience is actually worth every minute.

Cowboy didn't work out as well as we had hoped. The folks who own him definitely know how to care for horses & all of them seemed happy with the digs. Cowboy himself was decent-looking, to be sure, but his hooves were under-slung a bit & he was very stiff on the front end (to the point of circling his legs outward just a bit). He's a very friendly, yet VERY serious, yearling. While that's a spectacular quality for a show horse, I'm not looking to show all that often & his "all work" demeanor doesn't suit my attitude. I want to work a horse & also let him have some fun.

That leads us to "Gambler" - who, ironically doesn't seem like much of a gamble. We checked him out on Sunday before we headed home & this little weanling is not only sweet & playful, he's also blessed with good conformation, sturdy legs & his sire displayed similar qualities to Miss Hammy's Paint. We researched a bit more & it turns out Gambler is related to Miss Hammy's Paint (Her Paint's grand-sire is Gambler's great-grand-sire)! This may account for the similar attitudes - or not...who knows at this point.

The folks at this small farm care for their horses very well & openly answered all questions without hesitation or a "sales pitch" attitude. They let us take some video of him & a few pics. We have one concern that Miss Hammy noticed & will address that. If it's a minor issue, we'll get him vetted & consider going ahead with the purchase.

Here's a pic of the little guy...


Horse's Butt Award

Our great, all-knowing, merciful leader - "messiah" president barack obama has given away our European-based missile defense system...for absolutely nothing.

He claimed that his new strategy will provide "stronger, smarter & swifter" defenses against countries like Iran. Sure thing, buddy. Does your new strategy involve harsh words & spit balls? Oh, wait, you said on the news that it would be a "mobile" system. Does that mean we & our European allies you sold up the river all run for cover in bomb shelters?

So, instead of defending the USA & our allies, we're going to stick with the concept that MAD (mutually-assured destruction) is the best plan. Nevermind that we can reduce the nuclear threat of an increasingly recalcitrant Russia with this shield. No, the so-called "second coming" decided to honor the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Europe by giving up the best option for the West's strategic defense.

Congratulations, Mr. president, you are the recipient of the first Crunch Time Horse's Butt "Award"! Wear it with typical liberal pride...


Pretty Cool

Miss Hammy & I are looking at a horse. Now, before any of you read into that, we're looking at a horse for me to buy. Things are going well with us but this is from a trainer/student perspective, not a couple vantage.

I'm looking at a really cute little fella named "Cowboy" (barn name, not full one). He's a yearling Paint who is halter broke & supposed to have a great personality (we'll see about that). While there's certainly no commitment to make a purchase at this time, we are heading down to OK for a visit so we can see him & hopefully have Miss Hammy work him a little on a longe line.

Now, I'm still jobless but have the $$$ to purchase him ($2500) & stable him for a year or so. I'd darn sure better have a job by that time! We're hoping to talk the sellers down to $2000 or less since he hasn't sold for awhile & he probably won't sell over the winter months.

I wouldn't claim to be ready to own a horse. However, in the event I do make this purchase, Miss Hammy is willing to work him for 30 days, turn him out after that (until he's 4) & then give him 60 days to ensure he's saddle broke & trained in basic dressage (1st level, tops), jumping (to 3ft or so) & some western pleasure/trail. He'll end up with a hybrid discipline set, which works since Quarters aren't particularly suited to dressage (though they have the brains to learn it) & I've seen more than a few who love to jump.

Her Paint, "Packer" - who, for you Green Bay fans, was foaled on the same day the Packers won their last Super Bowl in 1998 - L-O-V-E-S to jump! He's actually helped other horses clear the hurdle (pardon the pun) & learn to jump over 3ft where they'd normally stop faster than Rosie O'Donnell passing an all-you-can-eat Ho-Ho buffet.

Anyway, Miss Hammy believes that riding lessons also mean the rider MUST prep & tack the horse as well. She has me brush him down, give fly spray, pick the hooves, add polo wraps & put on the bridle. We alternate on using a saddle. Riding bareback provides me natural stability & I don't have any stirrups with which to "cheat". After that, yes, I'm expected to muck the stall - which is actually good because it's perfect "me time". The good thing about this is I'm picking up habits that won't allow for cutting corners. If I'm going to own a horse down the road, I have to understand what is needed to care for him/her at all steps (tip: feed bags are HEAVY...but not as heavy as a hoof on your foot).

Well, I'll keep y'all updated on how Cowboy does! He's a real handsome fella...


Deep thoughts: Poles or Polls

For those days when there is nothing better to do than to ponder through musings of a twisted mind.


Facebook AKA Stalkerland has way too much time on it's collective hands. They throw out all kinds of stuff. I ran across this in my perusings which I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it......

The results for "The "Re-elect Obama" Poll"

Will you vote for Obama in 2012
yes - (24.3%)
no - (70.9%)
undecided - (4.7%)

Jimmy Carter even did better than that!!!
How did THAT happen if Facebook is dominated by the younger generation College / Highschool age peeps.....

nObama's Propaganda Czar must not doing their job.

Wait...... that's MSNBC. Nevermind. That explains a lot.


One Year

Hard to believe it's been a year since the seizure. Not that I haven't had a few ups & downs, just like all of y'all have, but I'm generally in good health; pretty happy; and am fortunate that the only reminder of that incident is this well-hidden scar on the top of my noggin. (A special thanks to Mrs. Who, whose thoughtful gift kept it that way, even right after the surgery!)

Since the C-shaped scar is in fact there & I have a needlessly disturbing sense of humor, I figure having a little fun with my situation is in good order. You see, baldness runs in my family. It seemed to skip me, as I have a gloriously full head of hair, but how would I explain this scar if that well-coiffed "do" wasn't perched up there?

Explanations for Hap's C-shaped Scar
-- Horrible incident involving an impromptu nap in a pumpkin patch.
-- "Darn right I'm a hardcore Carolina fan!"
-- "Dad thought reminding me of my GPA in high school would help for college."
-- Something involving the rescue of a busload of nuns/orphans.
-- #6 of 12 extreme protesters who declare "OBAMACARE SUX".
-- "I took folks literally when they said I should have my head examined."
-- "When someone says, 'I double-dog dare you', there's no WAY I'm backing down!"
-- "DNC tried to remove my brain & all they got was this lousy tumor."


No "Option"

The "Public Option" of Obamacare is dead. Apparently, the Senate finance chairman (Max Baucus - D, Montana) says it just can't pass...sort of like a congressman after a 24-hour cheese binge.

With this in mind, I figure it's only appropriate to eulogize this abomination of a health care "plan" in the most inappropriate of ways:

Top Ten Most Likely Headlines for the Public Option's Demise
10. "Public Option no match for Public Opinion."
9. "Former-president Clinton Dismayed at Failure of Pubic Option...Claims Issue Is Misunderstood."
8. "Obamessiah Fails To Heal The Masses."
7. "Dems Left With Foot-In-Mouth Disease."
6. "President Obama Quoted As Saying: 'Uh, um, you see, uh, uh'."
5. "NYT Uncovers More Pictures From Abu-Graib."
4. "VP Biden Unavailable For Comment."
3. "Obamacare Dies of Talking Pneumonia"
2. "Public Option Still More Popular Than Congress, Poll Shows."

And the #1 headline for the failure of the public option is...

1. "Town Hall = Down Fall!!!"


A Tale Of Two Presidents

I wonder who the Marines liked better: Dubya or Barry?

Here's the results...

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