5 Minutes

OK, my friend, JP & I had a discussion today. I think it presents an interesting thought that will encourage deep contemplation.

Here's the deal:

You pass away & go to the Pearly Gates. Assume at this point you have complete clarity & understanding of the workings of all Creation (not being bound by your earthly body). Also, you have the means to convey this information in an intelligible manner.

God decrees you will be given five (5) minutes on Earth to communicate one message & it can be given to one person, worldwide or anything in between. You will have the time to determine what your message is & to prepare it so people - limited by their humanity - will be able to grasp your meaning.

You cannot physically affect anyone (you're there as a "human" but only for the purpose of the message).

What message would you give?


Harvey said...

I'd just pop down to post that I wasn't an atheist anymore :-)

Idlike2bnTX said...

Nice Harvey. That's brilliant. I'm still trying to come up with something.

HapKiDo said...

Definitely a good one. I think everyone in our little VRWC group agreed on that.
I've still got nothing. Maybe the answer is just that simple...

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