2nd Degree

Last Monday I asked Master Rion if he'd come up with an essay topic for my upcoming (TBD) 2nd degree testing.

Nothing yet but he did say it will be about "leadership" in some way. Knowing my instructor, the topic will be easily discussed but allow for a broad range of interpretation.

I'll admit I haven't thought too much about testing other than, "Hey, isn't that coming up?", popping into my head. I've become so used to testing infrequently (only twice in HKD since I made 1st degree in TKD) that it's a comfortable place to be.

Comfort isn't what it's all about, though. I have new forms to learn, new techniques & experience upon which I need to expand. It's coming close to the time where I need to test.

That, my friends, is a sobering realization.


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