Doing Just Fine, Denise

Denise is a student in Master Rion's self-defense class & fits in well with our group. She's trying our school out as part of her educational pursuits.

OK, that's enough with the "background" info.

We had a brief moment to talk during class & discussed the prospect of her testing for 2nd level in self-defense. Master Rion is pleased with her progress (she should be, too!) & I have to agree she's adapting very well to whatever we throw at her.

I ran her through a "gauntlet" (so-to-speak) & she did admirably! The only concept I want her to take from all of this is "do something". I'm a firm believer that the only wrong thing you can do in self-defense is to freeze. I'll say she took that concept & ran with it. Very impressive for someone just starting out (& even for someone with a little experience).

So, Denise, to answer your question if you should test: Yes. You're doing very well & it's obvious you have an aptitude for adaptation. Keep up the good work & hopefully we can keep you around after your goal has been reached.


Harvey said...

What if you're defending yourself against a bear? Shouldn't you freeze then? :-)

HapKiDo said...

Well, I'd say that's reasonable, Harvey. I don't think kicking a bear in the jewels will do you much good.
Everyone knows the favored defense technique involves a .44 Magnum! :-)

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