Wow. The School's WebSite actually says that?!?

I was looking at a friend of mine's high school website. He went to an inner city school that he likes to say was more like a prison than an actual school. His wife emphatically agrees. When she saw where he went to school and grew up she was surprised. He eventually moved away from that environment and now states that the worst school in our area is better than the school for the gifted where he grew up. I thought he was feeding me his usual line of 'hee-yuck hee-yuck' humor but then I went out to his school's web site which he admitted he was surprised it even existed. It is a pretty basic website obviously done in-house by the students, but to our surprise one of the links is pretty telling of what they deal with in that school system.

Under the heading: "Odds and Ends / Found on the Wall..." it states:

Found on the Wall...

Found on the wall in the literacy center at South Division High School in Milwaukee

If ever there was an argument for why throwing more money at our public schools is not the best way to get higher achievement, this is it.

The problem facing our schools today is not lack of funds; it is lack of talent. We have under qualified people filling many of the key positions at our inner city schools. Some half-wit administrator felt that allocating funds to develop a “literacy” center in place of assigning those funds to attract a teacher with the talents and skills needed to improve the skills of the students.

Maybe there was a need for a literacy center. I wouldn’t be critical of an administrator developing such a program if it proved to be useful. It is going to be an incredibly hard sell to merit a literacy center staffed by people who can’t even write a simple sentence. But I am critical. I am critical that a person could be hired to work in a literacy center who struggles with basic syntax.

“Discovery the doors to books open.” This seems like it could almost make sense. "Books open the doors to discovery" is a great message to send. I can’t even imagine the hell a dyslexic individual trying to get help in this “literacy” center must be going through.

I have an idea. Let’s not hire incompetent people to teach. What happens when incompetent people teach? They teach incompetently. Therefore, no education takes place and we have just hired a $30,000/year baby-sitter with benefits.

Here is the link if you don't believe me:

All I could say was.... "Wow" and it made it past all the censors. Way to go sneaky Web admins. Just goes to show you that the school administrators don't know how to use a computer and check on this kind of stuff. But what do I know I am just a dumb country bumpkin.

Sounds to me like Acorn was alive and well in the Inner City Public School System. If this is not an advertizement for Home Schooling than I don't know what is.


More Equestrian Math

In this equation (wow, that really works for this!), we have the following:

1 - Hap (the fateful protagonist of our story) - 180lbs

2 - Packer (the very cool, calm & collected Paint) - 1200lbs

3 - Random Horse #14 (big, stupid doo-doo head) - 1000lbs

So, here's the situation: Hap & Packer leave Barn at approximately 2pm, moving at a fast walk (6 mph, or so). After the first turn, they encounter Random Horse #14, who decides his curiosity, and possibly non-gelding equipment, is suitable for a challenge to the Hap/Packer team.

If Packer decides that RH14 is, in fact, deserving of being put in his place, how long can Hap hang on for the wild ride?

Bonus question: When do Hap's lungs give out from the screaming?


Stop Playing Football

President Obama, S-T-O-P using our military as a political football for your special-interest buddies!

First, you were indecisive about taking out the Somali pirates who held an American ship & her crew hostage. Next, you had to be shamed into meeting with Gen. McChrystal - probably a major inconvenience between pitching Chicago for the 2016 Olympics & your talk show tour - for a whole 1/2 hour.

Now, you've decided to openly allow gays in the military - a move that, based on your few previous actions, suggests you intend to further suppress morale among our brave men & women in uniform by using them as the impetus for your next special-interest "touchdown".

Before we get any farther...do I have an objection to any person, regardless of sexual orientation, serving his or her country? No. People have done so, honorably, and without some self-aggrandizing need to trumpet their preference in human genitalia. My objection is making sexual orientation the issue. Openly allowing homosexuals in the military - particularly on the heels of the POTUS showing ZERO leadership in responding to his commanding General - will tell the good people currently serving that they're part of some beltway experiment in political correctness.

Damned if that's what we relegate them to!

So, Mr. President, you score points with your hard-left constituents, most of whom probably loathe the military more than Rosie O'Donnell hates spinach. Of course, the goal is not to prevent, "cutting from the military's ranks people with needed skills for fighting". That's a total political answer that disguises chagrin as consideration. The idea seems to be unsettling the military to the point of discouraging recruitment.

In a word: Shameful.


Deep Thoughts: Nobel Prize title for winners.

For those days when there is nothing better to do than to ponder through musings of a twisted mind.


I got to thinking today, when I person gets knighted they attain a certain status. They can be called "Sir Knight". When someone reaches the heights of their education in their line of study they get to be called "Doctor". When a martial artist kicks enough butt in Badaahhhhh... *uhem* Bad Arse style (keeping it clean for Mrs. Who ;) ) they get to be called Master.

I think now that Barak Hussein Obama has earned the title of Nobel Peace Prize Winner he should be able to use the title "Leader Extraordinaire."

Yeah I think it should do.


Anyone else got a fitting title for this new prize winner?


ASPCA Animal Lover Prize

Fresh on the heels of President Barack Hussein Obama (mmm, mmmm, mmmmmm!) winning the Nobel Peace Prize & shocking the world by doing so with under two week's experience AND without any significant accomplishments to further peace in the world, comes another timely choice for an award:

The APSCA World Animal Lover Prize has been awarded to Michael Vick, of the Philadelphia Eagles for his notable accomplishments in expressing his regret for operating Bad Newz Kennels - a now-infamous dogfighting ring.

"Sure, he abused, mistreated and ultimately maimed poor animals", stated the ASPCA spokesperson, "but you have to look at his words since then, which decidedly paints him in the light of a person who regrets what he did because it cost him millions...uh, can we edit that last sentence out?"

Vick, who recently was allowed back into the NFL after being released from prison, obviously was deserving of the prize because, as the ASPCA spokesperson puts it, "While he hasn't actually shown real remorse for his actions, Mr. Vick was overheard saying, 'I'll bet you I never try that sh*t again!' to a fellow Eagles player. This indicates his intention to love animals and thus earned him our coveted award this year".

Other winners of the ASPCA Animal Lover Prize include Britney Spears and rapper DMX.


Hap vs. 5,000 Volts

In a word: OUCH!

This incident involved wet ground, an electrified fence & a 1200lb Paint Quarterhorse.

In other words: 1200lb horse + 175lb Hap x 5000 Volts = ?

Juggle that equation in your head for awhile & let me know what you think...

Congress Shall Make No Law...

But that apparently doesn't apply to the courts. Who can decide what's best for us by judicial fiat.

The main argument against a cross memorializing the sacrifice of WW I veterans is that it "excludes" other veterans from being honored.

Excuse me f***tards but just because a memorial is in honor of a particular group doesn't mean it's specifically intended to give a different group the proverbial finger. Yes, I'll grant that the park agency should have allowed a Buddhist symbol to be placed on the land. However, tearing down the cross doesn't put a Buddhist symbol up there.

I'd be inclined to believe this was a pro 1st Amendment argument if it was constructive (i.e. - let's allow ALL religious symbols to be placed) in nature. Of course, the ACLU, in it's infinite Christian-bashing "wisdom", cannot abide a cross on federal land & supported a former National Park Service employee who quite possibly had honorable intentions for bringing forth the lawsuit.


THE Christmas Gift of the Year

Folks, have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience, firsthand, the generosity of "The One"?

Do you find yourself in contempt of the American economy, way of life & capitalism, in general?

Admit it, you've secretly hoped for a game you could play that allows you to do both of these wonderful things at once.

Introducing: Obamopoly!!!

The object of the game is to destroy American capitalism by having the government take over EVERYTHING!

Tokens include a bus, a teleprompter, a sprig of arugula (have you seen the cost of that lately?) & a waffle iron.

So, do you wanna play? NO??? Well, too bad, everyone's playing and, quite frankly, in this game, nobody wins...


Killing Kittens Since 1992...


Barack "Chamberlain" Obama

That's the name he's getting from now on.

Of course, there needs to be justification for attaching such a moniker to anyone. Now, where could I find some sort of proof of concept?

Oh! That's right: he gave up our missile shield in Europe for nothing, sold out our allies (Poland & the Czech Republic) & all to make nicey-nice with Russia - a power who only benefits from a weak United States.

Now, maybe I'm reaching here. After all, it's not like PM Neville Chamberlain sold out an ally (Austria) by volunteering a peace offering (the Sudetenland) in the interest of making nicey-nice to a belligerent power (Nazi Germany) who only benefited from a weak Britain.

"Appeasement" is a stinky cologne, Mr. President...

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