2nd Degree Essay

I've given myself three days of thought on my topic & have made a decision. My essay for 2nd degree will be:

My Philosophy of Teaching.

My reasons for this are many & varied as the colors in the spectrum. No, actually, there's only one real reason - I will, by necessity, have to open my own school one day.

The other topic, Joong Gun, was appealing to me. I'm a HUGE fan of history & enjoy any subject upon which I can focus. Discovering more about a person for whom a pattern in TKD was named would be almost priceless in discovering more about the art itself.

The only thing I determined would be completely priceless is discovering more about what I can bring to the art & how it can shape me as well. Thus, my decision to explore my philosophy of teaching.

This is not an easy endeavor. I'm going explore at least four aspects of leadership I've never discussed at length before. It's a momentous challenge, as it should be.

I'll keep you all updated as I make progress.


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