Crossing A Line

OK, mister idiot - that's your name now that you have proven you have no sense whatsoever - I guess you think it was amusing/funny/comical to throw that air-filled mini basketball at my head while I was in the bathroom. It's probably even funnier to you that (you think) I don't know who did it.

I'd like to take a second to remind your sorry rear that I just had brain surgery about 2 months ago & my head, as you might imagine, is high up on the list of things that should be protected.

So, since you: 1) missed; and 2) left said ball in my possession, I think it's staying with me until you're man enough to come find me & explain your actions. Keep in mind that I do know who you are (I'm not an idiot) & am gracious enough not to rake you through the muck by pointing the finger - index or middle - at you.

The way I see it, there are two options. You can man up & explain yourself OR you can go buy a new ball, thus confirming to everyone you actually threw the 1st one at me.


Demo August 2008

Here's pics of a demo the school did at Watermelon Days in Atkins,IA this past summer. It was a great time, despite a couple injuries: One moderate (Mr. Reif's ankle) & one minor (my left thumb).

One thing I can't figure about Iowa is how every bleeping thing grown/raised in the state has a "day" in the summer. It's confusing with all of them. Since everyone drinks to excess at most of them, I propose re-naming them all for various types of alcohol (Sign me up for Big Sky Moose Drool Days!). Everyone will remember them better that way.

Anyway, here's a few of the pics:

(Me with 2 bricks. I've never had the center piece break out like that before.)

(Dylan getting tossed a bit.)

(Poor Dylan again.)

(OK, I must like picking on him...)

(Mr. Reif taking a throw.)

(Taking Mr. Lee down.)

So, by now, a lot of you may be thinking, "Sure, Hap, you can throw people around - you're an adult". Well, allow me to introduce Catie - a young lady (about 14) who is a recommended black belt in TKD & a talented young lady. She's the best proof I have that anyone can defend themselves with good training.

Hey, Some Good News!

My instructor was finally promoted in both Taekwondo AND Hapkido! He's been at the same rank in both (5th/3rd) since I started & the promotions were long overdue.

He's now 6th degree in TKD - by way of opening & maintaining two schools, designing the entire curriculum & promoting several students to black belt (starting at white belt) - myself included. It's a time-consuming task that often goes unrewarded. I make a point to thank him putting in so much effort everyday by volunteering to help whenever possible. It's nothing compared to his efforts, but maybe it helps him out just enough.

He was also promoted to 5th degree (master instructor) in HKD. I can tell you from my time in HKD there aren't too many folks who have earned this rank. To get there, he promoted no less than seven people to black belt (again, starting from white belt). In an art where we've seen over 90% of the people drop out at various points (mostly during the throw-heavy yellow belt set), that's an impressive number of people to make 1st degree.

Additionally, he developed a Practical Self-Defense course for those who want to learn how to protect themselves but don't want the high impact of a martial art. He has also designed his own curriculum (based on experience in a few martial arts) with self-defense - the concept behind HKD - entirely at the forefront.

He's been in TKD for well over 20 years (25 this year, I believe) & HKD for about 15 years, so the time & effort invested in earning these ranks has been considerable. Upon getting promoted, the first thing he told me was, "I don't want to make a big deal in class about these promotions". That's just his way about things - he knows where his experience places him in martial arts & he's never taught any of his students that rank counts for anything in reality.

We are all definitely fortunate at our school to have such a dedicated, responsible instructor.


Didn't Sign Up For This!

So, my brother calls me yesterday saying his car broke down (bad starter, maybe?) & after a few attempts, still nothing doing with the cranking & starting thing.

He had a friend come out to help him (quick reminder: I can't drive - seizure) & give him a ride home.

Obviously, this can't work as a permanent arrangement since I need a ride to work & he needs to get to work... So, the smart thing, in my mind, is to have him drive my car which needs the registration renewed since I missed that window with all the issues in SC.

Now, my car is a stick which he can't drive. So, I offer to teach him. What does he say? Oh, he can't possibly learn in one day (despite doing well the 1st time we worked on it), so there's no sense in doing all this today.

It's all very frustrating. Sure, I get out - for work & class - but depending on everyone for a ride AND trying to help kill 2 birds with 1 stone (car & ride) with no interest from the other party is just pissing me off. I sure as heck don't like this inconvenience, either. I'd much rather do my own driving, handle my own issues & not have to inconvenience others for assistance. There's just not that much choice on this end of things.

As an aside, comments I've left on some blogs must be reflecting this frustration or a change in attitude. A comment left on Harvey's blog inspired 3 respondents to let me know just how wrong I was & an inside joke on a friend's facebook page (perfectly appropriate) drew the ire of his girlfriend...with an obligatory literal jab back at her, of course.

I'm wondering how much my personality has changed in the eyes of others. Have I become more combative? Less tactful? Has my general word choice changed? It's impossible to tell from a self-perspective.


At Least I can Beat Them Up!

The Part of You That No One Sees

You are balanced, peaceful, and sincere.

You're the type of person who goes along to get along.

And you're definitely afraid of rocking the boat.

Underneath it all, you fear your world falling apart.

You'll put up with a situation that you don't like in fear of changing it.

Disruptive and forceful people intimidate you - and sometimes exploit you.

H/T - Mrs. Who

Another Step

Tonight, I did my first rolling fall since the surgery. OK, that's not a world breaker for news but it's a sign that things are getting back to normal. When you spend a lot of time worrying about bending over because of the hole in the top of your head, doing a controlled somersault is a big deal.

I guess I'll give it a few more weeks before I start doing regular break falls & it'll probably be January before the air fall comes back into the picture...or even March when the meds go bye-bye.

Two months off has really hurt my (already waning) cardio & it's starting to show in class. Even the most efficient breathing routines aren't keeping up with the level of activity. My kingdom for an elliptical!


Happy Veterans' Day

A big thank you to those who have served, those who are serving & most of all to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defending this precious freedom we enjoy everyday.

May merciful God be with each and every one of you & may He help us all to fully appreciate the sacrifices you servants of America & your families make for this great land.

From one veteran to all others: I thank you all & may you always be safe in defending the USA - a country that loves you as much as you love her.

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