Roller Coaster (Wheeee!!!)

That's what kind of week this has been.

I started it with a couple of the best air falls I've EVER done. If you don't know, an air fall is a self-imposed, masochistic condition in which you stand on perfectly solid ground, throw your upper body over (in a "flip" sort of way) & land basically on your side/back. It's not actually painful...unless you screw up.

Any way, I was happy with them.

Monday & Tuesday were great. No complaints about Wednesday. Thursday rolled around & hit me like a truck! I've felt bummed all day without having a good reason - lousy 30o temperatures notwithstanding.

The only apparent explanation besides that is my work week starts on Thursday. Now, I won't get into the mundane details of my job. It pays well, I perform exceptionally (ladies, this has dual meanings. *wink*) & I completely can't stand it.

Once Monday rolls around - & here's where I'm unique - I love it. I'm done with work, back to martial arts & off for three days. I'm anticipating that part of the cycle.


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