nObama's Swine Flu Scape Goat. Code Name: Pigs do fly

They claim they found the source of the swine flu.

It was this kid!


More Like Great!

From a recent comment, I decided to check out Patti's blog, Good Googledy Moogledies.

Personally, I think it's worth an upgrade to "great" but you can judge for yourself when you pay her a visit. She's got to-the-point, humorous quips about life; a few pics of the farm; and even some valuable philosophical insight.

The blog is a nice combination of musings on life & well worth anyone's time.


Gange Green

The recent spread of swine flu has claimed its first tragic loss in both the ecological & acting communities.

Sadly, it seems the virus can also be spread via sexual means from one infected person to another and, well, the results speak for themselves...

Just Dumb

I was hanging out with one of my good friends at a local bar last night & a person he knew came up to us. My temporary hiatus from the working world was mentioned in the course of conversation. I guess it was a topic that just came up.

Instead of the usual, "Sorry about that", or other sympathetic gesture, this guy decides to appeal to my sense of greed - which is like appealing to a leftist's sense of decency - by inviting me to join a thinly-veiled ponzi scheme that's been going around the area for awhile.

Needless to say, I shot that idea down in a very direct (yet reasonably polite) manner.

Listen, buddy: I ain't yer pal & if I'm going to earn any money, it will be by honest work. Truth be told, I'd rather earn $6.25/hour flipping burgers than know I cheated someone out of their money. It's called ethics & self-respect. Try getting a little of both.


Sure Thing, Buddy

Well, my plans to move to SC may have been accelerated just a bit. As part of the 2nd round of layoffs at work, I was let go today. It's considered a layoff, not a firing & the company is going to pay me through 4/30, plus remaining vacation & will not challenge unemployment benefits. Plus, my COBRA will be 35% of regular cost.

In other words, I'm free to enjoy an 83-degree day, while getting paid by a former employer whose most redeeming characteristic was creeping my blood pressure up slowly while I worked there.

I'll miss working with some of the folks there...just some, not most. Trucking is a stressful industry. I was planning on getting out at the end of June, no matter what, so this is not entirely an unexpected turn of events. I've spent the last 8 months preparing for this day...it just came a little sooner than expected (not even mostly a bad thing).


How Leftists...

Celebrate free speech...

Sure, you CAN say what you want but if some silver spoon-fed twin brother of a certain moronic blonde hotel heiress doesn't like your answer to a question & uses vulgarity to express an opinion about you - well, you're the bad guy, not him.

Regardless of your position on same-gender marriage, you're entitled to that view. While it doesn't mean everyone must agree, or even respect, that decision, it doesn't entitle a bunch of Hollywood leftist kooks to jump on a Miss USA finalist because her answer wasn't the right one in their eyes.

My belief has always been that when you resort to sarcastic insults & parodies of a person & his/her position on an issue, it means you can't defend your position in honest debate. The Hollywood left obviously has no concept of "honest" so they simply smear anyone with whom they disagree. It's a tactic meant to belittle & hijack debate from potential opposition.

If you can't come up with a productive counter-argument, Perez, shut yer yap with the insults. Some day, you might get learned good by someone who isn't willing to take your crap.


You can't make this stuff up. Pt. 2

A friend of mine worked for a great company but for ....well a pair of Asshats. They cut down their underlings mercilessly and for some reason their reign of terror still exists to this day. They use mostly temporary help because finding someone to sell their soul for a paycheck that is not in politics is just rare. But sometimes ..... Sometimes the underling is just a little more clever than the Asshat. Okay they are ALWAYS more clever than the Asshat but sometimes the underling is willing to go the distance with the Asshat. My friend reached that level and the following is a VERY TRUE story.

This Asshat Supervisor pair was looking for some way to inspire their underlings to work harder and faster and love them for this 6 grader attempt at team building. They were to create their own award/recognition system for people who bust their butts for statistical superiority or figure out how to manipulate their numbers and work the system as it always goes.

First question I had was: What was the award? Money?, Gift Certificates?, A free lunch at the company cafeteria? a roaming cheap rumagesale trophy?

The profound answer: "Nothing."

Now how profound can "Nothing" be. oh it gets better.

My friend came up with and submitted and the deep and vast wisdom of the Asshats passed this on to the team for a vote. The team also in on the award declared the following the winner:

This is an excerpt from the actual email...

Subject: Revised award program name...

As a team, you provided the suggestions......and as a team you voted.
Now, without further ado.....I would like to introduce the name of our new, revised award program............
and it is.........

The 'Notable Offering To Honor Impressive Numerical Greatness' Award.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the name selection process! Thank you to XNameOmittedToProtectTheGuiltyX as well for suggesting this magnificent name!!!!! I will be providing more specifics regarding our revised awards program at a later time. Stay tuned!!!

They totally missed it.
Greatness award.

Hmmmmm very profound, the reward was a perfect fit.

Why do people not understand that you get what you pay for..........
Unless you steal it from tax payers.

There is only so far I can go with out a political smack.

Deep (non-political) Thoughts By Ronny Engrish

For those days when there is nothing better to do than to ponder through musings of a twisted mind.


Birds of a feather flock together........

and poop on your car.

Thanks to Break.com for the nasty picture and switchpod.com & pbs.ors for flipping me the birds


Trigger Squeeze

A new bill, HR 45, would increase the requirements for purchasing a firearm. The bill is named the Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sale Act of 2009. So named for a young man who bravely sacrificed himself to save the life of a young lady on a school bus from a gunman.

Using the death of a young man for a political chess move is underhanded, so I won't provide a counter-argument to stricter gun control by invoking his sacrifice.

My issue is requiring fingerprints, mental evaluations & possible home safety checks to ensure children are kept safe from guns. The bill, in typical congressional double speak, says children are not to have access to guns & parents will be prosecuted if children use a firearm EXCEPT in the case of self-defense. So, little Timmy can use the gun to defend his family as long as he isn't educated on how to use the firearm...which, somehow, makes sense to these "representatives".

I took the time to write my Representative - a rank & file democrat - that he should oppose the bill because it does the following:
1) Adds needless redundancy. Registration is already required for firearms.
2) Discourages the purchase of firearms in the case it passes. This will drive prices up & out of the reach of some who want to purchase them for home defense.
3) Does nothing to allow for children to be educated with regards to firearms.

I also took notice that the bill applies to all handguns & any semi-automatic firearm that can accept a detachable ammunition-feeding device. In other words, all shotguns & bolt action rifles are excluded. Basically, they're aiming at any personal carry self-defense firearm as a "feel good" measure for the public.

I guess as long as you're a law-abiding citizen - which most of us are - you'll have to deal with being defenseless in the face of a gun-wielding psycho. After all, everyone knows that because Congress puts it on a piece of paper, the criminals will just fall in line. Asshats!


Disgusted by part of the American Race

Ever get writer's block but not because you have nothing to say but because you have too much to say and everything you have to say is aptly communicated with a screaming ......


Some one said today that Janeane Garofalo was somehow popular and respected in conservative circles because she is on that cheesey soiled diaper of a TV show called '24'. Yeah that show was kinda interesting the first time around. I watched parts of it. Then the second one came out and I watched a couple episodes. I didn't waste a minute of my life on it since. but I digress....

Janeane Garofalo is known in Conservative circles like a town whore is known in an Amish community. Everyone knows who she is and what she is all about but nobody invites that beotch to dinner.

Okay I am back.


Red Ink Genocide

Never can it be said that liberals fail to appreciate the power of over-inflating a situation. There is certainly no shortage of strife, malice & tragedy in this world with opportunity to be politically exploited. Still, one has to wonder if those who supposedly "speak truth to power" have more than a tenuous hold on the concept of truth.

For example, take the perspective of Bill Keller, executive editor of the New York Times. The faded grey lady has fallen from grace in recent decades largely due to an ideological list to port that prevents any chance at righting the swamped vessel. In an actual ship, such a calamitous move would expose the keel & reveal a doomed craft. In a paper that fancies itself a cultural & media icon, the vantage we're offered is an exposed backside of a leftist agenda.

Only in the most ignorant, selfish mind could ANYONE take the collapse of a failed, agenda-driven periodical & make even a tangential comparison to genocide. It's this impervious-to-reason ideology which allows tragedies in the world to continue: Why fight a travesty against humanity, when one may objectify it & frame it to suit a business model?

The left is often & appropriately caricatured with the motto, "The ends justify the means". Apparently, this holds true even with (lack of) respect to the struggles against the most vile examples of inhumanity.

Perhaps the Times would better direct its crimson pens against actual tragedies in the world & refrain from the self-pitying foolishness of comparing running in the red with the horrific red flow of human violence.

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