Is it just me or does anyone else notice the trend towards total crappiness that music is taking?

I was flipping between MTV - which must stand for "Morbid" because it sure doesn't mean "Music" - & VH1 just to see that every piece of crap song they play is b**ches & h*s stuff or just plain, depressing "nobody likes me" whiny crap.

Seriously, those kooks at the music companies need to get off the low self-esteem kick & start signing people who can actually sing about something, anything or nothing...I don't care as long as it's not this "I didn't get enough attention" adolescent-wannabe putrescence.


_Jon said...

Switch to country.

It is much more positive.

I used to think it was all sad and depressing. Now pop is and country is positive.

(btw, I came here from your comment at imao - Harvey's post. I used to study HapKiDo here in Detroit. I miss it a lot.)

HapKiDo said...

Thanks for the comment. You know, I do like some country & I appreciate their devotion to everything traditionally American. Some of that music is just plain fun, too. :-)
I used to do traditional HKD & later switched to Combat HKD when my instructor did. It's an eclectic style & very fun.
Check out www.ichf.com & see what you think. I'm sure you can find a school in the Detroit area.

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