Republic or Democracy

Courtesy of Walter E. Williams...the answer can be found HERE!

For Heaven's sake, if we don't oppose what's been laid before us over the past 20 years, we deserve the oligarchical fate that awaits us.

"...for if in so doing we lose this precious freedom of ours, history will record with the greatest astonishment that those who stood to lose the most did the least to prevent its happening." - Ronald W. Reagan

Drug Free

I've been off the meds for a few weeks now & the most noticeable difference is my blood pressure no longer seems to be prohibitively high. While we do have high blood pressure in the family, 164/92 is exceptionally high at 34 (he hypertension has never "kicked in" before 50).

The doctor didn't think it was unusually high given the meds I was on, so the fact I am able to perform at normal levels now tells me exactly what that Dilantin stuff does to you over the course of six months.

The "normal" feeling really came back yesterday in TKD & carried over to the lunch class today. Ms. Watson & I even sparred a bit (no contact) & we each had good exchanges. She's good but doesn't fight dirty like I do. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!


Why, Cat, Why?

I've never understood cats...

Being a dog person, those furry little felines conjure images of hair balls & litter boxes. That's probably why I was reluctant to take my brother's $700 Scottish Fold when he moved into an apartment that doesn't take pets.

As for why I mention the cost: My brother did a lot of research on what kind of cat he wanted & ultimately picked the Fold because of their tendency to bond strongly with one person & their general placid demeanor. What he didn't count on is the little kitty would, for some odd reason, bond more to me than him.

She is a very nice cat (that unfortunately listens as well as any other cat) & he felt she'd be happier staying with me instead of giving her away. I agreed there since who knows what can happen to a pet when another person takes him or her.

This little bundle of Gizmo-looking joy has taken to sleeping in my bed at nights. Hey, that's fine. She's a little one & doesn't make a sound. She likes to curl up at the foot of the bed which is just fine with me since we won't see Spring here in Iowa until May.

The problem?

I generally sleep on my back & this one has figured that sleeping on my stomach/chest is a darn comfortable place! Being soooo smart, I reasoned that a little roll to my side would dump her off of me & put the idea of sleeping there out of that little cat brain.


With the cat now sleeping on my hip, I reluctantly rolled onto my back again & resigned myself to many nights of moderate discomfort. This holy terror will make noise & run all over the place if she doesn't have ready access to my room!

Here's a few pics of her taken on my new 5.0MP Smartphone camera...


Group Think

Well, secretary of State Hillary Clinton says we Americans deserve some of the blame for Mexico's drug problem.

Now, you might think my issue here is with another democrat pulling the "blame America, first" crap but you'd only be partially correct.

The real effing problem is the former-First "Lady's" grouping of law-abiding Americans with the corrupt, devious & shameless. No, I'm not talking about Congress...I mean those losers out there that buy, sell & use illicit drugs.

This is a typical leftist tactic of eliminating individualism by putting us all in groups. There's not you, me & our friend. No, it's a trio of gun-toting, bible clutching red-staters. Dhimmocrats just don't have the time to learn the names of all the people they hate. This way I guess it's easier for them to round us all up & keep us with our "kind" when the last of our rights go bye-bye.

Look, madam secretary: we're not even mostly the helpless, worthless individuals you & your ilk make us out to be. We want your kind to stay out of our lives, let us live free as we deserve & hopefully all of you pols can take a flying leap.


Good Eats

OK, not sure where my sister got this recipe but - dang! - it sure is good stuff!

It's an avocado bean dip that's just great in every way...

You'll need:
2 regular avocados
1 can of black beans
1 can of kernel corn
1 small can of Rotel (or diced tomatoes)
1 - 2 tablespoons of lime juice
blue corn chips

Half & dice the avocados & dump into a large bowl. These should be small chunks.

Drain & rinse the beans, corn & Rotel (dry them a little with a paper towel, too!). Add to the bowl.

Add the lime juice.

Cheese - this depends on your tastes. It calls for feta but that's a little too much on the saltiness for me. I tried a shredded asiago & that was just about right. Either way, use about 3 -4oz.

Mix all the above in the bowl & you're ready to go!

Note for the cooking-impaired: the chips DO NOT get mixed in!!! Duh!


That's about the size of it

Well if this is the money we could be saving with Geico ......................

Then what is THIS???????

It is the money we could have saved with McCain & Palin.


The Obama Health Care Plan and Bragging Reichs

In a recent multi-national conference Hillary Clinton attended the topic of Universal Health care was brought up.

The Israeli Minister of Health bragged: "Medicine in my country is so advanced, we can take a kidney out of one person, put it into another and have him looking for work in six weeks!"

The German Minister of Health who stood up and said, "Well medicine in my county is so advanced, we can take a lung out of one person and put it into another and have him looking for work on 4 weeks"

The Russian Minister of Health and Social Development got up and said "My country is even more advanced, we can remove half a heart from one person, put it into another and have them both looking for work in just 2 weeks!"

Not to be outdone, the American Secretary of Health and Human Services stood up and addressed the conference, "Well", he said, "My country is so far advanced in medicine, we can take an aaah* uhem Sphincter out of Chicago , put it in the White House, and have half the country looking for work in 24 hours!"

edited for Mrs. Who's kids and any other impressionable readers. ;)
**thanks to Internet friend for the original work

Thought for the day

Forwarded to me from an Internet friend.

Do you realize that Obama probably signed his stimulus package at the same desk where..................

....Clinton got his package stimulated?

Kinda makes you think. Doesn't it?


All Class

Note to former presidents Carter & Clinton...take a lesson from former-president Bush. He refuses to criticize president Obama.

This is following tradition, sirs! Something neither of your self-important, needy, attention-getting personalities allow. It's been tradition since the formation of the United States that former presidents cede the spotlight & allow our current leaders to perform, uninterrupted by their predecessors.

Do the United States a favor: retire & leave the limelight of public office. Follow the example of a true leader, not a cowardly pacifist or sex-offender.


Deep Discussion

My friends & I were discussing a few political issues when one mentioned he was experiencing difficulty attempting to "reconcile the tenets of Christianity with some of the republican & libertarian positions" with regards to looking out for the whole of society. He continued that he stands "firm that Christianity is much closer to socialism than anyone wants to think".

Now, my friend is a conservative gentleman & most definitely not a socialist. That being said, he is one of the most honest, in-depth thinkers I have ever known. He IS correct when saying Christianity & socialism share some similar tenets.

How, then, can we differentiate from the two? If two apparently dissimilar ideologies share common principles, what makes the difference in them philosophically, morally & practically? If anyone had asked me such a question, I'd have some difficulty explaining the separation in ideology.

However, as if hit by a bolt of "smart", the following answer literally popped into my head:

"All of us have beliefs across the spectrum (left to right). Conservatives just have more to the right. Religion betters socialism in the shared tenets by way of encouraging man to better himself & treat neighbors as themselves. Socialism forces it - in essence, the state becomes a god & attempts to remove the fallibility from mankind. That is why it fails".

It really struck a chord with all of us. The above sounds exactly like what the government is seeking to do: impose charity & sharing among the people. By forcing something as opposed to encouraging a practice, the elected are seeking to become the prophets of a "religion" they are creating.

You cannot force perfection on man. God made us with free will: the freedom to do right & wrong at our discretion. Whether you believe in the Divine Creator or not, it is simple fact that a person must choose to try & perfect himself/herself - such perfection cannot be obtained by force because it can never be genuine (& thus can never truly be "perfect").


Willie Nelson

Well, I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday to make sure I could drive again...which was canceled for "weather".

For those of you who aren't familiar with the definition of bad weather in South Carolina, it's basically a beautiful, sunny day with some remaining snow on the areas surrounding the roads. NOT actually ON the road, mind you.

So, the doctor being closed, my appointment was rescheduled for today at 11:40, this Thursday. After waiting for an hour in the exam room, I spent five minutes with the doctor.

The result?

I can drive again & when the meds are out this month, the prescription doesn't need to be refilled. All that's left is periodic checks (once every year or so) to make sure the tumor doesn't return. I'd call that long-term, cautious optimism...


the Great nObama Icon finalists ..feel free to add your own.

The Great nObama needed a new Icon to put out in the country show where his stimulus improvements are physically manifest. So soon you will see these pictures or Icons all over the place like you see Castro's face in Cuba, and *insert dictator* portrait in *insert dictator's country*

So in favor of saving the country a couple million dollars on a symbol artist we have decided to open this up to the public in a contest. We will see if American Creativity can rise to the challenge and make an Icon for the nObama. I have started you off with two. One from an Internet Friend's email and I have no idea of the original source but I have taken it and run with it.

The first one:

And the second one:

And we have a late 3rd entry....

Just Because

This crap just pops into my head out of nowhere...

"Hap" words that describe "Hapkido", the friendly blogger:
1) Hap-pee: I drank too much beer.

2) Hap-pen-stance: The way I hold writing implements.

3) Hap-penning: Writing my autobiography.

4) Hap-hazard: Someone messing with my stuff.

5) Hap-ax Legomena: The end result of my attempt at building ANYTHING with Legos; OR me as a wizard in a Harry Potter novel.

6) Hap-alon-chia: Because I only have that silly ceramic "pet" instead of the name "Cassidey"!

Troubleshooting the Ecomony Crisis

If the ecomony needs Someone to "TroubleShoot" it......

Can we actually Shoot the Someone responsible for the Trouble?

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