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The Senators are calling Gov. Rod Blagojevich "Dishonest, Devious, Corrupt, and a Hyprocrit"

Excuse me. If we are using that criteria for removing people from office.....


Elected officials are all a bunch of ASPHOLES



I like this air fall better!

A Couple Pics...

From my 2nd degree test.

Just to show you it wasn't all fun & games:

And I mean for everyone involved:

There's something cool about taking a big dude down:

My air fall (OK considering it's been 6 months...):
More to come later...

Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich Sacrificed

What just happened?


I am not Defending Gov. Rod Blagojevich. I am defending due process which just got a serious rectal raping from the Senate.

Either one or two things just blew up in America.
1) Due process died. In which case. La Cosa Nostra will reign supreme. I will show you how.
If the government cannot process a fair trial even if it is just accusations. Then they cannot be trusted to conduct themselves when it comes to a REAL TRIAL with real crimes.

2) The communist election that just took place in the United States Senate threatens to undermine the United States Government as a whole. It will do much better than any outside enemy has ever dreamed.
IF Blago is guilty and he may very well be (I think that there is a good chance he is) then by attacking him with such Cowardly tactics is without honor. No Defense. Innocent until proven guilty.
If Blago wants to fight this he now has PLENTY of grounds for which to do it.
It was not handled according to the Illinois Constitution which clearly has rules that the House would preside over any impeachment. Blago can tell the Cowards of the Senate to "Screw Off" and they can't do anything about it.

First I think that the Senators should all be tried for Treason for participating in this mockery of Justice. Then when they are found guilty they should be taken out to the Rose Garden and Shot in the head as Traitors against the United States Of America.
Then we send this to the House for a proper trial / hearing and let them have a shot at doing their jobs. If Rod Blagojevich is found guilty in a fair trial then justice will have it's say.

Tell then......We are all in danger of a comunist trial of accusation.
It is a dark day in America. A very Dark and Dangerous day.

They want our Freedom of Speech. YEAH! I HOPE THEY FAIL TOO!

Democrats Petition Against Rush Limbaugh


Can they be this stupid?!? If you want to get to Rush's good side you do NOT attack him let alone attack the Constitution. You have to fight him on an intelligence level which is lacking on that side of the aisle.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched an online petition to express outrage at conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh for saying he wanted President Obama to "fail."

2nd Excerpt:
The petition comes after Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill Friday that they need to quit listening to Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration.

Yeah what else is new. He has reasons for what he has said and you cannot shut him up by taking away his right counterdict the President. We opposed the former President on issues. We oppose the current President on philosophy and idealogy. Step on my rights to do this and it will inflict a muscle spasm on the hand that is clutching my bible and my gun. I keep the latter loaded so becareful where you stand.

3rd Excerpt:
"If I wanted Obama to succeed, I'd be happy the Republicans have laid down. I don't want this to work. So I'm thinking of replying to this guy, say 'okay, I'll send you a response, but I don't need 400 words, I need four: I hope he fails'."

Got news for ya people. I don't let Rush do my thinking but I am agreeing 100% with Rush at this time. I HOPE THEY FAIL TOO!


2nd Degree Test

Well, I survived it. If I had to grade it, the grade would be a B-. Not because it was a poor test but because my overall performance should have been closer to personal expectations (As a general rule, we say we don't want to pass a test with a C).

Falling: No real problems here. This was the part that concerned me most as falling on the noggin is a sensitive issue still. My air fall was decent considering that hasn't been done since August 2008. I even did a good air fall over a person. Full credit to Dan for managing to stay still while two black belts jump & flip over him.

The techniques part went well. I can't argue with my performance as even the odd slip or miss on a takedown was recovered quickly & without allowing the "attacker" to fight back. Finishing techniques were largely uninspired yet effective. Hey, if the guy doesn't want to get back up, I delivered the technique well enough!

So then came the situational defense portion...in this we first had to defend ourselves while wearing an ugly pair of pink mittens that wouldn't allow for easy grips. It was nice to see how little individual finger movement affects the techniques I prefer to use. The second part was putting on a "blindfold" with two small (about 1/16" is my guess) holes. These throw off depth perception & forget about peripheral vision. Basically, you have to "feel" your way through the defense. It's freaky but not as frightening as it sounds.

Lastly came the ground fighting...from Hades! I had to go against a former wrestler who was 2 weight classes above me (I'm middleweight, he's heavyweight). We started sitting down, back to back. Now, let me tell you that I'm quick on the ground. 75% of the time I'll get around before the other guy & take his back. That's a huge advantage in a ground fight.

Unfortunately, this was one of those other 25% times...

He prevented my turn & we locked shoulder to shoulder. This is normally a good spot for me when I'm in my weight class. In this case, he walked over me like a welcome mat & I went to my back. "No problem", I thought, "I'll pull guard & work from there". Yeah a great idea except he wasn't so cooperative. He passed my guard on the right & went straight to side control - a horrible position to be in for the guy on bottom.

I worked for a wrist/finger lock but he managed to drop his weight on my hand, blocking it. My left arm was propped under his abdomen to prevent him from smothering. He did manage to get my right hand off of his neck but, fortunately, he didn't know how to manipulate the joint for a shoulder lock. I tried to throw him off me but my hips couldn't generate the force needed to move his mass.

Now, when you're in side control it's important to keep your head facing AWAY from the armpit of the attacker as an elbow to the face (in theory, for class) will make short work of you. I was doing this in textbook form but it didn't prevent him from wrapping that arm around my head & securing it. He pressed me into his gut & hard as I tried, there was no way to breathe or escape.

Yeah, I tapped out as oxygen deprivation isn't on my list of things to enjoy...


They Can Smell Fear

Former French president Jacques Chirac was attacked by his "clinically depressed" poodle, Sumo, on January 22nd. This just goes to show that even pansy dogs have nothing to fear from even more pansy French leaders. In fact, these notoriously foofy little pooches may be able to smell the sweet, tasty fear of their owners, thus driving them to clinical depression and, ultimately, an attack worthy of a stitch or two.

Now, I reasoned there had to be more to this whole deal...Seriously, think about how much you'd have to prod a poodle into attacking anyone, much less it's owner. OK, I'll grant you there have to be a few out there with the nasty, pretentious attitude of a chihuahua but the odds of the single biggest wimp in the EU buying one of them is statistically beyond rare.

With that in mind, I demanded that politely suggested that begged that Mr. Engrish hop a plane to gay Paris & get the scoop. He returned with the most astounding tape that revealed the happenings of that fateful day...

*Sounds of muddled arguing*
Jaques Chirac: Mmmmm. J'aime creme brulee...

Sumo the dog: Ahf! Ahf! (French for "Arf! Arf!")

JC: No, Sumo, mon ami! Zees ees mah creme brulee!

Sumo: Grrrrr!

JC: Sumo! Mon dieu! Mah creme brulee! Noooooooo!

Sumo: *nom, nom, nom, nom*

*Tape ends in static...sounds of unknown man quoting Mr. Bean*

Thanks to Ronny's daunting bravery, we've in fact discovered that Sumo, in a clinically depressed state, merely wanted some creme brulee (as any good frenchy would). It seems the only part of Jacqes that was mauled was his pride...


The title has a dual meaning. I was content to leave political topics in Mr. Engrish's realm, so my apologies for typing this politically-charged post.

Additionally, the "Sorry" refers to MSNBC (or MSNBS, if you will) actually putting out another piece of in-the-tank-for-Obama tripe & passing it as some sort of fact.

The article states that president Obama broke from the "unpopular Bush administration". OK, I'll give you that: 1) president Obama has broken sharply with the Bush administration; and 2) president Bush left office with a low approval rating.

The story continues that [president Obama] has "mostly avoided divisive partisan and ideological stands".


Closing Gitmo & releasing terrorists, lifting the ban on funding of overseas organizations that support abortion & giving terrorist combatants the same protections in interrogations afforded to enemy combatants fighting under a flag sure sounds partisan & ideologically divisive to me.

1) Closing Gitmo: Where do you think these terrorists are going, Mr. President? President Bush was set to release a number of them but the home countries refused them. For some reason, I don't think representative John "In Cold Blood" Murtha's idea of housing them in his district will fly well with the "rednecks" in that area. Great way to cower to a leftist base but, as with most wingnut ideas, this just won't work.

2) Lifting Bans on Abortion: This is the very political issue that defines our generation. The thought that my taxes will help fund an abomination, an affront to life, disgusts me. You know what, abortion is legal here, thanks to Roe v. Wade...that's bad enough but why do you need to fund this atrocity around the globe?

3) Army Field Manual: Get a clue, Bubba II! Treating terrorists with kid gloves doesn't solve the problem. Treating them to bullets with a caliber of .40 or more does. They didn't play nice in 1986, 1990, 1993 or 2001. Our men & women in the military don't play nice with monsters like terrorists...allow them to do their jobs & watch these a-holes go the way of the dodo.


Word for the Day....


When you look at your investments .....and wet your pants.


nObama the fearless leader or Clueless MORON!

First thing he does is close Gitmo. Second thing he does is turn tail in Iraq. This may come as a shock to you all but I totally agree with him. I think we should be done with these people that hate us so much. These people that cannot get out from under the foot of tyranny are just going to have to deal with the cards that they are dealt. Hey we did not do it why is it our problem? Why are we doing all the work that no one else in the world will do? Quite frankly it is taxing my nerves, taxing my patience, and taxing my moral fortitude and taxing my wallet.

I say that he should get us out of Iraq and that he should get the lights and be the last one out....If he makes it.

It makes me sick to think of the decisions our Great Military have to face now. Join up and protect the country we love or follow the directions of a commander in cheif who will do little more than piss on their graves.

Yeah nObama. Close Gitmo. Get all our soldiers out of Iraq. BUT YOU BE THE LAST ONE WITH YOUR UNPROTECTED POSTERIOR HANGING IN THE WIND WHEN YOU GET ON THE PLANE. If you don't get shot dead then you were right. Congratulations. Care to take the bet? Didn't think so. You need something called COURAGE. That is something you are dearly lacking.

Batten down the hatches America. You are in for a four year tour in a hell storm of your own choosing.

He decides to promote organizations with abortion agendas on foreign soil with Federal Dollars. Sure I like spending my money on funding abominiations.

It is Day Three. 1457 days to go. God Save Us.



A friend of mine recently told me about a snorkeling trip he took over the weekend.

"Cool!", I said, "Where did you go?"

"Oh, I just stayed here in town", was his reply.

Dumbfounded, I told him that was just plain impossible unless he "snorkeled" in a pool.

"Not true", he said. "In fact, here's a picture to prove that I did go snorkeling!"





Well, here it is!


It seems that my blog niche is political. I try to stop but I can't help myself sometimes.

All this mania and no common sense.

I saw this somewhere in the blog sphere but I got it from an internet friend so I cannot claim ownership nor a source but it was funny as heck.

We have the Return of the Chancellor Hiller
nObama-nation Zombie #1

And the Man of Mania .... Dejavu. We have seen this before. All he needs now is the mustache.

I Wish...

that this was the inauguration I was going to see tomorrow. How we have gone from a nation where "hope" & "yes, we can" had meaning to meaningless phrases veiling socialism is beyond my understanding.

Congratulations to president-elect Barak Obama. I pray that God guides the future president on a steady course for what is best for America. My fear is that because radicals have become so emboldened as to sue for the removal of God's mention in the inaugural, that my prayers may not be answered.

"If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, we will be a nation gone under."

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

I pray that you are at peace in Heaven, Mr. President. Pray for us & a great nation in a trying time...


TLC: Paying It Forward

Mrs. Who, of House of Zathras, was generous to award Mr. Engrish & me this heart-warming accolade.

Mrs. Who is probably my favorite person in the world who I've never met...and considering most of the people I actually have met try to toss me around just gets her that much higher on the friends list. :-)
She's always lent an ear when needed & couples attentive listening with jovial quips. Constantly in touch after my surgery, she even sent me a very appropriate gift to hide my temporarily receding hairline AND made sure that I'm good to go if there's a Harley in my future! Needless to say, Mrs. Who is tops on my list.

Before the nominees...
Here are the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you
3. Nominate 5 other blogs for this award
4. Add links to those blogs
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
6. Give a reason why you consider their blogs cool

Now for the nominees:
1) The man who inspired me to start blogging: Harvey of Bad Example. He's the cigar-smoking, editorial-writing bad influence (but in a good way) who your parents warned you not to hang out with. He covers serious, he delivers the funny (the occasional link to IMAO doesn't hurt my traffic, either). If you want to learn how to blog, look no further.

2) Roses at ACK! THBBBT! If there was ever a contest on who could capture a moment, put it into words & then inspire you into really "feeling" it, Roses would win every time. Everything from simple quips to elaborate stories make her blog a must-read.

3) _jon of We Swear. You know what? This one's tough to describe. He's to-the-point & there's a certain depth to every word on the page. I can't say what it really is but the site just says "cool" to me.

4) Pamibe. This is a recent discovery by way of other blogs. She tells the story. She gives her opinion. And you just can't help but think "hell yeah!" when reading what she has to say...unless you're a far-left wingnut & then, really, who cares what you liberals think?

5) Bob of the aptly titled Bob's Blog. If you want quiet inspiration, a chuckle or even an "awwww!" moment, pay him a visit. It's one of my favorites when I just want to forget my day & see how someone else's went.


Then How Do You Define Stupid?

According to (P)MSNBC - Attorney General nominee Eric Holder told the Senate he considers water-boarding to be a form of torture.

Coming from a democrat, this makes perfect sense. Heaven forbid we concern ourselves with the lives of Americans who may be killed by terrorists. No, we have to consider treating these barbaric animals with decency so they won't be too mentally traumatized to fly hijacked airplanes - with Americans in them - into buildings - with Americans in them.

Mr. Holder apparently believes enemy combatants in Gitmo also deserve due process guaranteed to Americans in the Constitution. He would try some of these jihadists in US courts instead of military court martials, where the trials belong.

Mr. Holder, do you get your torture standards from senator Durbin? Do you expect out men & women in uniform to tickle terrorists into submission. This is war, sir! If pouring some water on the face of a restrained terrorist gets us answers that save lives, then - dammit - we need to take action! You liberal punks seem so secure in your world of theory that reality is forgotten.

Here's the question:
You're in an alley with your family. About 50 feet in, a man with a crazed look on his face & a big knife in his hand pops out about 25 feet from you, locks eyes & charges. No, in this case you DON'T have a gun. It's him or your family.

Do you:
a) Try and talk him down? (A: No, you moron, he's charging at you! Too late to talk.)
b) Tuck tail and run? (A: Sure. If you're a stinking coward who would abandon your family.)
c) Stand there and let everyone die?
d) Take action?

Option A, B & C are all going to get everyone killed, except the attacker. The fact is that being nice time is over. You either take action, even if it means you die letting your family get away, or you bear the blood of others on your hands because you did nothing. The answer seems so obvious with family in mind. Why is it that country doesn't carry similar importance for relativist-minded liberals?

OK, Good One! You Got Me

Ha ha! That was a good one!

-23 last night. -20 right now. -11 for a possible high. This is either the world's best ever practical joke or someone forgot to ask God to turn off the globe's air conditioning!

Good Call (Not!)

So, there's a new horror movie out there called My Bloody Valentine 3D. The premise, best I can figure, is a guy with a penchant for WW II gas masks & mining equipment gets jealous of Jason Voorhees killing all the sexually active teenagers & wants some of that market share.

Basically, it's a metaphor for Apple/Congress vs. Microsoft.

Anyway, the 3D part of the movie is what caught my attention. Seriously, Hollywood, who comes up with this everything-old-is-new-again crap? Remember how well Jaws 3D was received? Oh, you don't? Maybe that's because it was a bigger stinker than the chum used in the first Jaws movie.

How about a movie based in reality for something original? We have well over 2000 years of history to explore and, contrary to what most of you twits think, it CAN be explored without perverting history a la Valkyrie...


PSALM 2008-2012

PSALM 2008-2012




Chicks Dig SCARS not Czars ya dipwad

Glen Beck is becoming a rising star in the fight against political stupidity. His job is going to be SOOOOOO easy. The hard part of his job is going to be ... 'how do I get all the idiot agendas into my show(s).'


If I recall history correctly....czars did not do so well. I hope this is not a sign of the times. This just has nObama stupidity written all over it. Why didn't his HIGHness use First Prime of Climate Propaganda? It is a little more job role descriptive...wait they don't actually think these titles through do they.


I took today & tomorrow off so as to attend class for extra practice. Of course, in typical Iowa-is-a-stinking-frozen-hellhole fashion, class canceled due to weather - which, according to those global warming, kool-aid drinking geniuses at the Weather Channel (D) shouldn't have been a factor.

I really can't wait until June to move...



Test Itinerary

My 2nd degree test will be different than the standard promotion evaluation we have for Hapkido. Normally, we are tested on all our techniques - in this case, that would be over 200 techniques - in addition to groundfighting, "Circle of Death" & demonstrating a few techniques step-by-step.

In this case, however, we're changing from Combat Hapkido to Traditional Hapkido (where we all started), so the test will involve only a selection of 40 techniques, groundfighting, CoD & probably some full-speed punch/kick defense. Since there are fewer techniques, I want to mix in ones I do well & ones that are a challenge. Also, the ones that aren't so useful (IMO) were rooted out.

What is left becomes the below list of names that'll probably make you laugh...

Hap's 40 Technique Test
Palm/Ridgehand_______Front Fall Takedown
Horizontal Elbow_______Wrist Grab Throw
Step-Under Throw_____Throat Takedown
Step-Behind Throw_____Knifehand Armbar
Wrist Roll____________Pinch/Sweep
Suplex Throw_________Slot Machine
Tricep Armbar________Steering Wheel
Hamburger__________Wrap Around
Policeman___________Steering Wheel (Handshake)
Rubber Chicken_______Fast Hamburger
Z-Lock_____________Front Inside Sweep
Head Throw_________Front Inside Kick
Throat Spear_________Front Takedown
Fingerlock___________Arm Break/Side Kick
Armbar Throw_______Figure 4 Segal
Triple Whammy______Ki Strike
Tigerclaw Twist_______Double Wrap
Gooseneck__________Hook Takedown 2
Rear Takedown_______Steering Wheel (Punch)


Definitive Proof...

That there are still good people on this earth.

Mrs. Who takes a subject so commonly exploited by the modern media - racism - and demonstrates that young people don't view others in biased terms of ancestry. Many adults should take a lesson from her post!


So, So True

(Click for sull-size image)


2nd Degree (Again?)

Well, I got the e-mail today.

It's the one that inspires nervousness, concern & anxiety: it's time to test once again. This round is for my 2nd Degree in Hapkido on January 27th.

OK, so I'm not all that nervous right now (said the student as he leafed through his HKD binder). It'll get bad as test comes closer & closer.

At least I have the week off to practice up. My 1st degree test involved getting punched in the jaw, choked to the point of almost passing out & barely being able to drag myself off the mat at the end. The hardest part was losing a won position in a ground fight...something I hope to remedy this time around. Unfortunately, the man who beat me, a very good friend of mine, hasn't exactly slacked off!



The events this evening make me wonder if, in a way, many of us are living behind masks. This isn't to say I was dumbstruck when that person insulted me - I had a few things to fire back...but I didn't. Rhetorically, is that right? Is it wrong?

The difference I've noticed is my willingness to confront MORE at work and less outside of it. Why? I just don't know. If that had been a HKD student smarting off to me? Well, it could have been a whole different story, but there's no way to be sure. Conversely, co-workers have confronted me & it's straight talk to the end. One even threatened me & I told him he had five minutes to cool down (which he did, thankfully). Night & day...

Which is the mask & which is real? Why am I so willing to confront at work - where I feel more detached & less confident - than in Hapkido - where I'm a black belt, confident & sure of my capabilities? Who is the real person behind it all? To me, it feels weak to avoid that confrontation in class & yet the conflict seems out of my nature.

Maybe it's knowing a physical confrontation (self-defense) would be inherently in my favor at work or class but when words are the only option, I feel powerless. It's fear of seeming a child talking to an adult. Why? I don't have that answer. I tend to do well with words - even to the point that public speaking is enjoyable.

Perhaps this all comes down to it being a situation beyond my control. My response was inside this personal sphere of influence but correcting the disrespectful talk was not. Somehow knowing this doesn't make things better.

One thing's for sure: the mask has to come off. My prayers are that the wimp in Hapkido goes away. A man should be strong & willing to confront hostilities & disrespect alike.

Bad Form

OK, lady. I realize that you aren't actually in HKD & are part of the self-defense class. This also means my rank is not relevant to your training and, as such, you are not expected to call black belts "sir" or "ma'am". Believe me, none of the aforementioned means anything to me (I don't like being called "sir"). It's a non-martial arts class mixed in with a ranked martial arts class.

All of this is fine.

What ISN'T fine is addressing me like I'm one of your pals & stating that you, "don't need the commentary". Honey, I've been getting my butt kicked in this class for six years & am still paying my dues every day. You, on the other hand, don't want to be taken down because - in your mind - that must not happen if you don't want it to. To be perfectly straight with you: I ain't yer friend. Regardless of your need for the commentary, you will get it.

Let's be clear that disrespecting me will get you nowhere. If I decide to bore you with my never-ending analysis of the feeding habits of the Bolivian Butter-butt beetle, you can: 1) keep your yap closed & listen; 2) keep your yap closed & walk away; or 3) politely excuse yourself. Notice that not one of these options includes a smart-aleck remark.

I've seen people like you come & go - two others to be exact. Neither of them were cut from the right cloth. So, congratulations, you're now a member of a small (& crappy) club.

According to my fellow black belts, bad attitude lady didn't return. While there's no telling if it's an absence or permanent, it is a little unfortunate - as learning self-defense is important for everyone. Still, if someone is lacking the discipline or willingness to learn, there's not much point attending class, either.

Why Computers Sometimes Crash

I should have posted this one when Hap was being b-slapped by the Geek Squad's Information Superhighway Cops.
I got this from a friend so I cannot claim or verify authenticity of author.

By Dr Suess

Why Computers Sometimes Crash,

If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port,
and the bus is interupted at a very last resort
and the access of the memory makes your floppy disk abort,
then the socket packet pocket has an error to report.

If your curssor finds a menu item followed by a dash,
and the double-clicking icon puts your window in the trash,
and your data is corrupted cause the index dosen't hash,
then your situation's hopeless and your system's gonna crash!

If the label on the cable on the table at your house,
says the network is connected to the buttion on your mouse,
but your packets want to tunnel to another protocol,
that's repeatedly rejected by the printer down the hall.

And your screen is all distorted by the side effects of gauss,
so your icons in the window are as wavy as a souse,
then you may as well reboot and go out with a bang,
'cuz sure as I'm a poet, the sucker's gonna hang.

When the copy on your floppy's getting sloppy in the disk,
and the macro code instructions is causing unnecessary risk,
then you'll have to flash the memory and you'll want to RAM your ROM,
and then quickly turn off the computer and be sure to tell your Mom!

Those who do not know history are doomed.....

What have we learned in 2 millennia?

"The budget should be balanced,

the Treasury should be refilled,

public debt should be reduced,

the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled,

and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt.

People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."

- Cicero - 55 .BC

Come on people it should not take 1954 years to get this through the governments thick skulls.


Prop 'em Up!

A Connecticut senator is asking that the government prop up some failing newspapers in his state. Obviously, there are some concerns about the government owning a stake in supposedly free market reporting agencies (You know that whole, "Congress shall make no law..." statement in the First Amendment). Some people think it's a bad idea for the state to own & influence the media.

"Balderdash", I say! There's plenty of advantages to government being able to push the media around. Let's take a look at the benefits...

Government-owned Media Possibilities:
1) Media lapdogs now required to pander to The Obama. (Instead of just wanting to)

2) Bill Clinton would have cleaned up that darn blue dress!

3) Hillary Clinton shown dodging sniper fire just like in "The Matrix".

4) Blagojevich? Ahmadinejad? Heck the only problem we have is spelling their names.

5) The NYT can keep the Red Sox! (worst team in baseball...Go Yankees!)

6) New "no live feeds" policy for Joe Biden spares embarrassment on all those gaffes.

7) Can report election results without being bothered by those pesky votes.

8) Maybe honest reporting will become an actual requirement...

9) ...except in cases of democrat scandals, of course.

10) They speak truth to power...if Congress passes the bill.

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