I've been having a few rough days this past week (makes me glad it's over!) & I think much of it is job-related. I've even allowed it to affect my attendance at class (Liberals, take note - I held myself to account, not stress, work or anything else). Needless to say, there's cause for concern when you start pulling back from the things you love.

I even went so far to e-mail Master Rion & my friend (newly promoted 2nd degree) Bill about my concerns for why I'm feeling this way.

They're definitely concerned & much more importantly have been giving me motivational kicks in the butt so I'll get off my duff! It's not entirely sympathy, though it is completely compassionate. The urgings they've sent my way have done a great deal to pull me out of a "rut" that I'd otherwise be mired in for some time.

The point (get to it already!) is this: Having mentors & friends - sometimes that's the same person - to kick start us when we're down is more valuable than anything in the world. More important than getting us out of a funk, they also remind us that trying to go it alone often isn't a good idea. Friends are there so we can provide each other a symbiotic relationship - a mutual benefit.

I just want to say thanks to Matt, Bill, James & Scott for putting yourselves out there to help me in this time. More than just your words, your actions have given me cause to see things aren't hopeless - just that sometimes life isn't easy.

That's what makes it worth living: The uncertainty & moments of happiness that you can experience - endure, when necessary - when you know good people are there to bump you in the right direction.


Matt said...

If I was there I'd just kick your ass. Then, after you woke up from me knocking you out, you might get up off your ass. Your martial arts training doesn't frighten me.

HapKiDo said...

Yeah, yeah, kiddo. I'm pretty sure I can take you. After all, you have less than a week's experience being 30. :-)

Matt said...

No, you got it all wrong. I have 10 years experience being 20. DUH!

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