Mr. Reif's 2nd Degree Test

An excellent test, really! It set quite a standard for anyone who follows.

Above all else his throws were spectacular. I was taken down on three Judo throws & all of them were fast, smooth & clean on the landing. I can't remember when I've seen (or felt) it done better. The fact I was able to bounce back up right after landing is testament to Bill's control.

After his techniques, we had the pressure point portion of the test. Not only did he nail them (Gall Bladder 41, specifically!) but the walk through showed he was very familiar with all 18 points required of him. Again, seeing as all my bodily functions are in tact, I'd say his control is excellent. :-)

Lastly, we had groundfighting. This is where his test was most similar to my recommended black belt test. I fought him to a draw in my test & a loss to Mr. Willfong. In his test, we again fought to a draw (I almost had that rear-naked choke!) & he was tapped out by Mr. Godfey. As a side note Mr. Godfrey is an instructor for Modern Army Combatives (Groundfighting) & he's one heck of a tough opponent. Mr. Reif nearly went the distance after one hour of physical activity so that's saying something!

Bill, incredible job on the test! I threw everything I had at you for one hour & you still managed to walk away without limping (mostly) ;-)


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