Steering Wheel

I don't expect this title will mean anything except to those in HKD...and even then only ones in the class I attend.

I taught my little sis, Liz, how to do this technique today. It's a delightful little wrist lock designed to cinch the shoulder, elbow & wrist joints in place to perform a takedown/break. Most likely a break if the attacker doesn't have the brains to fall down. It draws it's name from the motion you make when turning the wrist.

Heaven knows poor Liz has been subjected to this little gem more times than she'd care to count (she had it coming a couple times!). I figured it's about time she learned how it works.

For safety reasons, I'm not going to detail the technique here - you can visit a local school to get more information. It's dangerous to do this stuff without training & a lock involving three joints is particularly risky.

Anyway, we had a bit of an audience while I was showing her how to get the lock set. Jamie, a new lady here at work, was pretty well fascinated with the "trick". Yeah, I was there once so I know how she feels: part of you just can't believe the body has those limitations. I offered her the chance to learn more for self-defense.

While I'm at it, I'd ask any young lady to check out a self-defense course. It doesn't have to be as rigorous as HKD. Master Rion offers a self-defense course specifically for people not wanting to endure various falls & "complicated" techniques. I'm sure there are plenty of schools that offer the same in your town for a reasonable price.


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