Flirty McGee

That's the official name of the new lady here at work. Don't get me wrong, she's cute & all (bit young for "Grampa" if you catch my meaning...) though not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

After talking with little sis', Liz - who also works here - we observed she won't talk to anyone who isn't in possession of a "Y" chromosome (that's a guy for those lacking a clue). She'll cackle like a rooster when talking about UFC (something I like) - though that's not to imply her end of the conversation is intelligent - but completely ignore Liz & Jackie in any situation. This amazing ability to ignore people of similar gender earned "Flirty" the derogatory moniker.

Since Liz & Jax are my friends, lil' miss McGee ain't on my good list. OK, being a guy, I'll admit to being extremely susceptible to feminine wiles. This is the nature of manhood. Flirtation is flattery almost as much as imitation. A couple guys around the office have picked up on this & suddenly out comes the Acqua di Gio (LPR).

You're probably saying right now, "HapKiDo, I'll bet you're full of crap & really like this girl". Ah, but there's one problem with that observation - she plays the ditsy card. Anyone who knows this fella also knows that's not my cup of tea


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