God of War II

Platform: PS2
Cost: $49.99
Rating: M
Purchased At: Gamestop

A very fun game that controls better than the first. Reviews indicated the story was weak compared to the original & I have to disagree. This game takes the, admittedly overdone, revenge story to new heights - confronting the Greek gods themselves.

Kratos is betrayed by Zeus (there's a good reason for it) & stripped of his godhood. Stabbed through the heart - literally - by this betrayal, the hero embarks on a journey to defy fate itself.

The game play is every bit as excellent as the story. In the first game the gods of Olympus aided you. The second involves the Titans, who were cast down by the Olympians in the Titan war. The powers & attacks are varied with better control & the ability to switch tactics with ease.

The normal setting is easy enough. There is a moderate challenge in some stages but most of that involves puzzles, not fighting. Don't expect it to run you over.

As in the previous installment there are tons of extras. The Challenge of the Titans replaces the Challenge of the gods & new special items & armor can be unlocked. In short, there's no lack of replay value here.

Pick this one up. You'll be glad you did.


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