2nd Degree Essay

Master Rion e-mailed me my choices for the 2nd degree test essay topic. Fortunately, it doesn't include the "Henry Ford" choice (you can have any color, as long as it's black). ;-)

The first choice is to discuss the Korean patriot Joong Gun. He was notable (& has a TKD form named for him) because he assassinated the first Japanese Governor-General of occupied Korea. There's actually a great deal of information available on him. How much is redundant? I honestly don't know yet.

The second, more challenging, more appealing (because of the inherent difficulty) option is outlining my personal philosophy of teaching. Now, this is quite the task. It's difficult to define something with which I have limited experience. This path will force me to find an introspective position that provides my basis for leadership in martial arts. In English? I want to know what I think a teacher is. :-)

At first glance I decided upon the latter of the two choices. It's certainly appealing to be granted an opportunity of self-discovery. Still, being impetuous isn't the best idea in martial arts. I'm going to follow Bill's philosophy on buying things: wait three days. If you still want it, then go ahead & buy.

I think that'll work well here.

I'll let you guys know more as I decide upon a topic.


Harvey said...

Either way, it'd be cool if you posted it.

HapKiDo said...

I think I'll do just that! I'd like people to let me know what they think.

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