She Was In Vietnam?

In this MSNBC piece, former-president Bill Clinton states that the junior senator from New York "will never let a swiftboat-style attack go unanswered".

Taking into consideration that the term "swiftboat attack" is related to the 2004 presidential campaign of John F. Kerry, how else can we apply lessons learned for Mrs. Clinton?

1) Nuances. Yeah, that's the ticket to winning!

2) Say you're "mainstream". Of course, that's true if you don't count your socialist ideology or questionable ability to turn a small investment into a fortune.

3) Campaign slogan: "I'm Hillary Clinton & I'm reporting for duty!"

4) Learn how to eat a cheese steak...seriously.

5) Remind people constantly that you were First Lady (or in Vietnam).

6) Two words: "Global Test".

7) Assure potential voters that you "have a plan" but never actually outline what it is.

8) Pick a running mate that's affectionately known as "The Breck Girl".

9) Call for a recount in the state that cost you the election. Man, people looove lawyers in the democratic process.

10) Two words: "Flip-flop".


chlorinejenny said...

Hapkido, I think if I was an American, I would be soooo liberal. So now that you kicked my ass over at Roses, you can karate chop me for my political take on things here too! Hiyaa!

HapKiDo said...

I don't have an argument so much with liberal vs. conservative. I'm more along the traditional vs. progressive line.

That being said, you want to debate it, I'm game! Everyone agreeing would be one unfunny world...

chlorinejenny said...

I definatley do not want to debate it! I am ashamed that I know more about American politics than Canadian.

And I always vote for the least worst candidate, with the hopes that eventually it will lead to an ok candidate.

I am very out of my league here.

HapKiDo said...

Voting for the least crappy candidate is about all anyone can do today.

It's like having Jack In The Box & McDonalds for your only lunch choices - either way, you know you'll be left hurting!

I promise you this: If you ever want to give your opinion, it will be treated with the utmost respect. Looking at your site, I like your take on things. & no, you're not out of your league... :-)

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