What Do You Call This?

I was recently promoted at work.

More directly, I was told I would be promoted at work. That still stands
but as you will see, there is some confusion on my part.

Here's how the situation stands right now:

I was offered the Planner position. This is to the delight of Mr. G, who currently has the Planner position. Mr G. is moving to a dedicated account. Mr G. cannot leave the Planner position until I replace him. I cannot replace Mr. G until a replacement is hired for me. A replacement was hired for me but the department decided to put him into another position. Another replacement was hired. This person is now replacing another person who recently quit (gee, wonder why?). The company interviewed yet another potential replacement & decided not to hire him/her.

Mr. C runs the dedicated account & has to do Mr. G's job until he gets transferred. Mr. C is doing double duty & the account is suffering because of it. Mr. G is stuck in limbo with me & both of us are losing money as a result of this 2+ month fiasco.

Meanwhile Mrs. K interviewed, accepted & moved to her new job in under 2 weeks.

All of this is in the same department...& no, I don't work for the government!


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