This question goes out to anyone & everyone.

I'm divided in my thoughts. First, I want to leave Iowa. OK, that's not news & I definitely don't need a Freudian interpretation of my feelings. This state sucks & I'm better without it. Now that the negative stuff is out of the way, let me get to the point:

I obviously would like to be closer to my family (They live in South Carolina). They're important to me & I get along with all of them. Sure, it's probably because I don't see them all the time but still. I love them very much & spending all the time with them I can would be priceless. Moving to South Carolina makes sense. I unfortunately don't see much option to continue my education, though. That brings me to the other side of this coin...

I absolutely fell in love (the healthy, clean kind) with Texas when I was down there! It's beautiful, the people are friendly (a pox on you, Cedar Rapids!) & College Station/Bryan,TX is just the right size of town for me. I can finish my education at Texas A&M - a school to which I was accepted in 1997. I've always been a fan of the Corps of Cadets (Motto: Soldier, Statesman, Knightly Gentleman) & would be honored to attend a university that, unlike the University of Iowa, has a notable appreciation for our men & women in uniform.

So, what I'm asking is if you had the two above choices, what would you decide is best? I am unusually torn in this case.


Harvey said...


Nice weather, gun-friendly, and lots of cool bloggers.

Plus you get to wear the hat :-)

HapKiDo said...

That's where I'm leaning. Apparently, Roses has a different take...thinks because my perfect woman is in Chicago, I should move there.

::sighs wistfully::

It would take me a week (not to mention a million arguments) to explain my reasoning...and I'd still lose!

Roses said...

I gotta ask:
Your perfect woman isn't Oprah, is she?
And your reason isn't a restraining order, is it?

::runs fast knowing Hapkido has Harvey's tomato::

HapKiDo said...

No, not Oprah & definitely not a restraining order. She'd hardly be the "perfect" woman if she obviously didn't want me around! :-)

::holds tomato::

::realizes hitting a woman with a tomato just isn't right::

Matt said...

You don't fall in love with a place in a couple days. Iowa doesn't even seem bad when you're just visiting. That being said, you gotta do what you feel is best.

HapKiDo said...

Well, that's the problem. The obvious plus about South Carolina is you guys. Texas will carry some uncertainty. I think what it really comes down to is I want to get out of here. Iowa just sucks more than ever.

That being said. HELP. ME. FIND. A. JOB!!!

Matt said...

McDonald's is always looking for someone.

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