Party's Over?

With the "shamnesty" bill (credit to Michelle Malkin for the perfect word)
being debated in Congress & being propped up by the White House, I really
can't believe anyone running the Republican party actually wants to keep it
running. The fact they've lost 40% (read that somewhere) of funding means
they're well on the way to reducing their budget & (soon to follow)
expenses! Why can't they manage to do that in government.

I don't know if saying the party is going down in flames is fair but it IS
starting to look like a WW II bomber that's riddled with bullets, losing
altitude & fuel. In fact, I'd take that analogy a step farther & say that
only the pilot & copilot think this thing's not headed for disaster - 1/2
the crew has already bailed.

Ronald Reagan (cringe liberals!) once gave a speech titled "No Pale
Pastels", in which he admonishes those in the Republican party who believed
the base of the party should be "broader". In his terms, it was a call to
"fuzz up and blur" the contrasts between liberals & conservatives,
Democrats & Republicans. The problem, of course, is that when you can't
tell the difference between candidates & parties how can you know for what
(if anything) they stand?

In my opinion, the current predicament with illegal immigration & the
capitulation of granting amnesty simply demonstrates the cowardice, on this
particular issue, of Republican leadership to do what is right: secure the
borders, oust the illegals & allow those who are otherwise law-abiding to
apply for citizenship FROM THEIR OWN COUNTRIES. In effect, the Republican
party has not only raised that banner of "Pale Pastels", it is waving it
with the pride that should be reserved for Old Glory - a flag of bold,
defined colors that represents the best of this country.

What we have is a call to relativism, something that leads to nothing
better than collectivist ideals - a belief that doing what is right is
counter to the common good. In fact, both political parties have blurred
the lines & relegated themselves to doing what is easy - granting amnesty
to illegals - instead of deporting them & upholding the laws of this
nation. By demonstrating willingness to grant amnesty to illegal aliens,
the government acknowledges they are allowing the laws they have sworn to
uphold are being violated on a daily basis.

Until leadership with a belief of absolute morality (that's called "right &
wrong" for you relativists) is present in any political party, there's no
reason to claim membership in one. The current incarnation of Republican
leadership has been a disappointment since taking control of Congress. At
no point did any political party have so great an opportunity to DO for the
American people & yet deliver on so little. Blame does not rest with
Democrats, liberals, dissenting votes, etc. The burden of unrealized
opportunity rests with those who had providence before them & feared to
claim it for their own. Republican leadership, don't spend time looking in
the mirror. Placing blame never fixed anything. Recognize what is BEST for
America in the long term & abandon the path of least resistance. This
nation was founded on a path of principle, moral value & respect for the
law. We can only aspire to live up to that vision.

And aspire we must.


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