Edward Kennedy's "Frankenstein"

With all respects to Mary Shelley's classic work.

Senator Kennedy, along with the assistance of his faithful lackey, Igor Senator Harry Reid, intends to revive the amnesty immigration amnesty bill that failed in the Senate, 45 - 50.

Other than affording me the chance to use too many strikethroughs, how is this like Frankenstein?

In a remarkable parallel to the maniacal doctor, Senator Kennedy & his lab assistants foolishly believe they can give life to an abomination that defies the laws of this nation. The massive public outcry (think mob raiding a castle) against this bill says it all: Let this monster never be given life.

Remarkably, Senator Reid practically guessed I was going to write this post. As if granting me license, he stated the following:

"I'm a creature of the Senate. I understand we live by the rules that govern this body. I accept that. We're going to do everything we can to pass this bill as soon as we can. When is that? I don't know, but we're going to work hard and try to put aside the hurt feelings that we have. The country needs and the Senate needs to do this."

With all the eloquence of "Yes, master!", he agrees with the senior Senator from Massachusetts that this aberration should be thrust upon the people against their will.

What the supporters of this bill are asking is we Americans accept that the only way to stop illegal immigration is to grant a blanket amnesty for those already here. That's like trying to stop murder by killing the victims - there's no sense behind it.

Here's my solution to the problem:

1) Deport all illegal aliens & those with expired visas. Any legal alien convicted of a felony is also sent home. Sanctuary policies of cities are abolished.

2) All illegal aliens (non-felons) may apply for citizenship/resident alien status from their home countries AFTER regular applications are processed.

3) Stick the National Guard on the southern border. All illegals captured will be detained & deported. Any vehicle used in transporting illegals from Mexico is demolished.

Sure, it's point-blank for a solution but this subject just isn't funny anymore. I welcome anyone who wants to be a citizen of this country & does so legally. Anyone else will need to know that trying to get here illegally is a long, hard road to citizenship.


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