Let's Ground The Wing-Nuts!

Leftist groups in San Francisco are pushing to ground the U.S. Navy's Blue
Angels team during the city's annual Fleet Week. Ironically, Fleet Week is
held in San Francisco as an opportunity to give thanks to the men & women
in the military for their service to this great nation. San Francisco's
populace, a majority of which apparently loathes the military (JROTC,
anyone?), has demonstrated they do not deserve to have any support -
particularly economic - from the military.

Groups such as Code Pink, Global Exchange & Veterans for Peace (don't all
of us veterans want peace? That's what the military is there to provide!)
are citing various wing-nut reasons such as "wasted fuel" (talk to Al
"Private Jet" Gore), or "barreling" into the Golden Gate bridge (Yeah, you
probably blame the victims of plane crashes, too). This sort of pathetic
vitriol is no surprise coming from these obviously radical organizations.

As I've said before, I cannot appreciate the irony of these anti-American
loons protesting the very organization that gives life & limb to protect
them. As a veteran myself, I believe those who have served & are serving -
regardless of political/ideological affiliation - should be given the
utmost of respect & courtesy for providing this warm blanket of freedom we
enjoy every day. Those who have served & argue against the military & it's
mission in defending this country: SHAME ON YOU! You, of all people in this
country, should know how often those who serve are in harm's way. They
fight for the very peace you claim in your organization's title.

The military exists FOR peace! That may seem like a contradiction in terms
but I beg to differ. The only way you can ensure someone is less-likely to
attack you is to convince them you are not an easy target. For the United
States, a nation that serves as an example of freedom, resolve & the
ability to defend yourself is paramount. Any dictator, despot or thug - all
enemies of liberty - will, without exception, stand against this nation &
hope for our demise. Those who rally against the strength of our military -
the guarantor of our way of life - serve only to give these foes comfort &

We, as civilians, can do very little to honor their dedication, sacrifice &
courage. These men & women in uniform honor themselves in every action. We
can only offer our support.



Harvey said...

Personally, I believe that the best was to honor those serving is to be the kind of American worth fighting for.

And you do fine :-)

HapKiDo said...

Agreed. Our society gives the individual every opportunity to succeed. That opportunity is still provided by people in uniform. People should appreciate that.

Same to you!

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