Can We De-Tenure Professors?

OK, in the attached article, we see that District Attorney Mike Nifong -
brought to fame through misconduct in the Duke "rape" case - was disbarred.
To the DA's credit, he owned up to it & did not fight the decision (better
late than never, I guess).

My question is: What about the 88 Duke University professors who were so
quick to convict these innocent children? They signed a petition, they
spoke as to how these privileged children - as if that makes being accused
of rape any easier - had life so easy. Yes, apparently coming from affluent
means makes you incredibly likely to commit unspeakable acts against
another person. Of course, I disagree.

Here's a(nother) case where justice may be blind, but it sure can smell

Honestly, I think the teachers should step up, admit they were wrong in
their "rush to judgement" (gee, sounds like other liberals accused a
certain elected executive of the same) & take their collective medicine. Of
course, like most leftist accusers in this society, they'll skulk away in
the shadows of their own embarrassment & get off scott-free. Why seek
forgiveness when you can just pretend you didn't commit a libelous act
against someone?

You'll notice these same cowards who ruthlessly attacked these boys - in
writing, no less - were remarkably reticent when it came to chiding the
accuser. Maybe "justice" really is a one-way street for the liberal



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