Hey, How'd That End Last Time?

It seems Vladimir Putin, the "former" KGB agent & president of Russia, wants to renew the former Soviet republic's interest in targeting Europe. This in response to the United States & our allies building a missile "shield" in the event Iran acquires nuclear weapons.

Look, I have no problems with the Russkies covering their collective (pun intended) backsides - that's just common sense. However, playing this as another arms race when the reality is we're helping defend Israel is just dirty pool. Not that I expect Putin plays by anyone's rules (poison, anyone?).

This really comes down to the Russian support of Iran since the Soviet days when the Shah was deposed. Old, nostalgic Vladi longs for the days of yore - nuclear standoffs between two superpowers, tensions high around the globe, liberals cowering before the power of communists (better red than dead, my eye!) - counting on the fact there's no great unity in the West to counter the encroachment of a seemingly recovering evil empire. I've got news for you there. We still remember Ronald Reagan & how he stared down four of your Soviet premiers to the point of faltering. You'd do well to recall the same.

Well, like the Byzantine Empire nearly re-established Rome (one can only dream), the Russians must know that the world body - at least the ones who count - will not endure another rise of communism attempting to impose its will around the world. Surely, the people of the world - particularly those who lived behind the iron curtain - would stand as one & defy such an imperious move...

OK, I'm not so sure about that last part. Unless Putin changes his name to "Bush", I don't think NATO, the UN, etc will be clamoring over each other to denounce the erection of missile sites aimed at Europe. Sorry, but the UN is corrupt, wasteful & has a spine that makes a jellyfish look rigid. NATO's "teeth" basically comes from the US & UK - two countries without which the world would be an even more terrifying place.


Bruce Wayne said...

I agree that the world as a whole may frown upon the rise of the Red Ruskie but come on what do they have going for themselves now? Or for the past decade honestly? The poor guy is just looking to get his country back to the power that it can be.

Harvey said...

I just really gotta wonder what the hell Putin is thinking on this one.

HapKiDo said...

What has the Russian republic (including the Soviet era) ever had going for it? Honestly, the goal was to further the ideals of communism throughout the globe. Fortunately for us, the imperial designs were backed by a "Pinky & the Brain" economic strategy.
There's nothing wrong with defense - they have every right to it - but playing this as Cold War II just sends the wrong message to a country that stared them down into breaking in 1990.

HapKiDo said...

I think he's on former-KGB cruise control. Unfortunately, that mindset is about as useful as a draft-dodger in charge of the military...

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