Stick A Fork In It!

The amnesty bill is done! The Senate was unable to keep this horrible piece of legislation from collapsing on itself.

The bill, all 800 pages of it, somehow managed to make complicated what should be a simple stance on illegal immigration: If you're not here legally, you need to go home. Yes, people should be allowed to emigrate. Yes, the opportunity of America should be available, in turn, to people who want it. However, anyone who does want it needs to follow the rules.

My stance is simple:

1) Secure the border. Put the national guard there. You know, guarding the nation...

2) We don't need squads of state & federal agents running around looking for illegals. First, deport the ones arrested/cited for crimes & eliminate the "sanctuary city" policies.

3) Allow deported illegals to apply for visas/citizenship from their home countries. They will be at the back of the line with respect to all current applicants. Deported felons are not given consideration.

This will not affect current immigration regulations & still allow a fair shot even to people who violated America's laws. Senate/House, get a clue. The people don't want amnesty for illegals - they want the laws of the land to be upheld. Sadly, that seems beyond the interests of our current politicians.


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