Flirty McGee, Part Two

Whoops! Looks like someone let slip the nickname I have for a co-worker
here. Well, since I'm not a confrontational guy & certainly don't like
rocking the boat, I'd like to apologize...

For someone not taking a well-meaning Simpson-esque joke like the humorous
jab that it was.

I'm sure as heck not apologizing for what I said! For Pete's sake, I said
it, I meant it & I'd only retract it if it was proven to be false. Society
seems to think everyone's owed an apology for everything. Not this guy!
Whether she saw it on this website (Hey, no such thing as bad publicity,
right?) or from someone else, it was a darn funny nickname!

Take this as a lesson, folks. As we're all growing up we get "picked on",
are the butt of the joke, etc. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it sucks but
we all have the responsibility to get over it. Believe me, many of you
would weep for me - OK, maybe just sympathize - if you knew how miserable
it was for me in high school. The solution? Well, I can't very well go back
& get back at all of them. I definitely can't do anything to change the
past - I'm not brilliant enough to create a time machine. Reasonably,
there's only one thing I could do:



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