Fathers' Day Anecdote

Before I leave you for the brief excursion to Texas, I thought I'd post this gem from a few years back that my Father gave to a hapless gas station attendant on I-380 exit 10.

Dad: Parks right in front of the store, walks in, grabs two Aquafina brand bottles of water (oh yeah, the big ones!). Walks up to register to pay.

Cashier: [Rings up items] "Do you have gas?" (In a conversational tone)

Dad: (Not missing a beat) "No, I'm just really thirsty."

Wah, wah, waaaaah!!! :-P


Roses said...

Wait, wait, wait...
You're leaving town, and your last post before you go is a joke about breaking wind?

Oh, Harvey's gonna have a field day with you!

Matt said...

He could be the funniest person alive and the meanest. Is that possible?

HapKiDo said...

yeah, but it was a really good joke! :-P

HapKiDo said...

In Dad's case, I suspect anything's possible...
I asked Gabe who he thought would win in an Aliens, Predator, Dad smackdown & he looked at me crazy & said, "Why? They want to go extinct?" ha ha

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