Davenport, Iowa

An apparent road rage attack left one woman in a coma & two men severely beaten. The two perpetrators used golf clubs & a tire iron to carry out the attack.

OK, folks, as you can see from the attached article there's not much detail to offer. What I can advise in this case is don't get involved with road rage - let your pride go! I'm not saying let people walk all over you but I am saying it's not worth your life to prove a (superfluous) point. Even the most experienced martial artist/police officer/soldier is in a bind where multiple attackers are concerned. Add to that short-tempered thugs like the monsters in this case & you have a nightmare situation.

Like the last time I posted on this we're talking about a small town where this kind of thing just "doesn't happen". In cases of road rage, I think people feel powerful behind the wheel & certainly become more aggressive. Sadly, when people take it to the next level - hostile behavior - that illusion is broken & leaves this kind of disgusting crime in it's wake.


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