Why Worry About It, Then?

London-based Oil Depletion Analysis Centre (LODACrap) have determined world oil supplies will dwindle in as little as four years. Naturally, this brings forward some issues to consider. First in my mind is:

Global warming. Well, it can be as HUGE a problem like Al "Carbon Footprint" Gore says, because the main cause of this trend - according to Mr. Gore - is humans burning fossil fuels. With one form of those devastatingly evil resources gone, you'd think the hippies would be headed back to their wanton celebrations of the 60s again!

Of course, what we really get in this scenario is a socialist's dream: excessively high oil prices, potential global recession & limited ability to produce items popular in capitalist culture.

Here's a few "concerns" noted in the list:

- Crippling of oil-dependent countries. "In the 1970s a reduction of just 5 per cent caused a price increase of more than 400 per cent". Yeah, and Jimmy Carter didn't help things, either.

- Everyday household items. "Most plastics...are made from oil-based substances". Hey, hippies, good luck getting people to recycle plastic bags when you can't make them in the first place. Time to kill trees for paper bags! TIMBER!!!

- Health & Beauty. "Metal production...cosmetics, hair dye, ink and...painkillers rely on oil" OK, so hippies don't use cosmetics - or even shower - much. I can't imagine ink is a big concern since they only e-mail on Macs from various coffee shops.

- Irony. "Most renewable energy equipment requires large amounts of oil to produce". Not as "renewable" as you claimed, was it?

Sure, we'll probably see the left go all 1999 New Years when the oil does actually run out. The fact is if oil does run out in four years, as predicted, then the global warming advocates will lose the big bucks rolling in from government spending because there's one less concern for said crackpot theory.

Gee, maybe they were right about that "global recession" thing, after all!


Matt said...

If we run out of fossil fuels the sun might as well stop burning. It'll be pandemonium. I'll start stocking up on ammo now.

HapKiDo said...

Sweaters, too. I'll bet things get chilly when the sun dies out!

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