Time For Al Gore To Run

That's right. Al Gore visited Chicago for a book signing on 6/6 & heard some of the crowd chanting "Run Al, run" - apparently in hopes that the former vice-president would take up the campaign trail once again.

Well, I think it's high time this pillar of integrity & impartiality takes up the mantle of "candidate" once more & rises to meet the people. After all, nothing says "mandate" like a couple hundred fanatics rushing to a book signing.

Mr. Gore, who gave us the liberal bible "An Inconvenient Truth" & the recent "The Assault On Reason" is a politically-neutral individual who would never try to push an agenda of any sort! For example, it's only coincidence that the global warming phenomenon - a concept alien to anyone whose ever endured an Iowa winter - is a predominately liberal brainchild. Everyone knows if Al Gore says it, we must take it as fact.

So, sure I think he'd be a great candidate. He's definitely not a divisive person - as his many rounds of recounts in Florida to overturn the 2000 vote demonstrate. He's certainly not one to push an agenda - such as global warming or silencing opposing political voices. No, Al Gore deserves the "bumper sticker" slogan (not that one, John Edwards) that says it all...

"Run Al, run!"

Now, that goes on the front bumper, right?


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