Little sis Sarah had her official commencement yesterday! Of course, me being the responsible big brother, I completely forgot my camera. :-(

Still, I have plenty of pics of her...which gives me the freedom to choose the one I like best & post it here.

She's going to Iowa State with & rooming her sister, Erin. Her friend, Dana, is also heading up to Cyclone country so it sounds like she'll have a good, familiar start to college! She's already talking about what she's going to do for extra-curricular activities & I advised her to make sure she finds something that will keep her busy but doesn't involve the same stuff she'll be studying.

Of course, that's pretty generic advice. She listed me in her graduation announcement as one of the most influential people in her life (isn't she sweet?) & I promise I've given her better words of wisdom. She's got a good head on her shoulders, so I'm not too worried about her decisions. I see my job as just looking out for anyone who might not have completely altruistic intentions!

Well, congratulations to my Imoto on her recent graduation! She's got a great future ahead of her & as much as I'll miss her in Hapkido, I'm happy to know she's taking the next step into a great life.

Here's a cute pic of an even cuter graduate!

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Harvey said...

Practical advice:

Make question & answer notes on 3x5 cards. Carry them everywhere to study for tests during down time, like when waiting in line.

HapKiDo said...

Now that's good, practical advice!

Mine was more along the lines of "keep away from frat guys" & "don't do drugs" :-)

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