HUGE Harry Potter Secret Revealed!

I discovered this quite by accident & I'm still reeling from the shock of it all. In my usual visitation of my regular blogs I came across a seemingly innocuous post.

A post, of all things, promising a revelation of Harry Potter material previously unknown to the world...

Oh, how horrible this secret is! It frightened me to the very core of my being. You see, I discovered this terrible truth while I was leaving a comment. The fact is horrible, but the world must know before it is too late!

Mrs. Who IS Lord Voldemort!


Mrs. Who said...

Hap, I'm going to have to curse you....nope, you've cursed yourself. (See, I'm so powerful that people would rather curse themselves than have ME do it, mwuh-ha-ha-ha.) You will find yourself invaded by hordes of mindless, zombie-like creatures, attacking you incessantly, day and night...your blog will now be hit by the mindless hordes of HP fans as they desperately try to find spoilers and copies of the book on-line. Your only relief will come at the stroke of midnight (like any decent magic spell should) on Friday.

There now, like any worthy villain, I'm monologuing!! It's always our downfall. Curses!

HapKiDo said...

Mrs. Who,
HA! You detailed your entire maniacal plan for all to see. I am more than prepared for the false spike in acitivity. MWAHAHAHA!!!

::Mimicks Emperor's voice from Star Wars::

Oh, I'm afraid this website will be quite operational when the mindless zombies arrive!

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