Can't Get My Fix

Of Ack! Thhhbt!, that is.

Stupid work won't let me access Blogger-powered sites. So, while I'm able to post via e-mail (stop that, ya Websense jerks!), I am unable to read, comment & otherwise cause general mayhem (you know: tomatoes, face-licking cows, etc.) on Roses' vaunted site.

The oddest thing? Bad Example, blog-mentor Harvey's site, is rated NC-17 & I can click away to my heart's content. Roses' site is PG-13 at worst & I can't so much as take a peek.

Web"sense", eh?


chlorinejenny said...

You should just quit your job so that you can blog all day long.

The absolute nerve of your work not letting you have quality time to read my blog!(Ha!)

So, I guess you can't make it over for a barbeque this weekend, huh?

HapKiDo said...

Yeah, I thought the same thing! How dare they?

Actually, I'd like to quit my job & find a better one. My boss...well, let's just say I could easily earn my screen-name with his attitude.

Nope, can't make it over. I've never been to Canada, though. If we ever get a blogger get-together, I'll be sure to make the trek.

Harvey said...

Having met Roses, I can say that she's a corrupting influence, away from whom you're better off staying :-D

HapKiDo said...

But that's what I LIKE about Roses! :-)

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