Training - Week 1 - Day 5

I had to make a post on this. I went running this morning at the usual bike trail. It's paved but still decent for running in the morning when a lot of people aren't there. You can actually run into downtown Cedar Rapids on it but that's not worth the trouble - downtown stinks (trash heap upwind...'nuff said).

I was just crossing the street to the part of the trail that goes around a small lake & had a good head of steam going. The sun was out, clear skies, no wind. Birds singing, ducks quacking, sparrows "chasing" me by flying around my head. I can't explain it - birds must have some amazing fascination with me. Anyway, the day was just beautiful.

Until Mr. Aqua Velva walked by in the opposite direction.

Seriously, I'm a man's man - I wear cologne (Lucky #6, Zegna or Acqua di Gio - if you must know) in appropriate situations. Going out to run, get sweaty & generally smell of stink when you finish is NOT ONE OF THOSE TIMES. In fact, all it does is nauseate the other people out on the trail. Nothing slows you down like a big, heaping lungful of funk in the middle of a run.


Roses said...

Makes you wonder what he would have smelled like if he hadn't been masking it with Old Spice, though, doesn't it?

HapKiDo said...

I think I could have handled that. It's not that one wishes to inhale large quantities of smelly stuff but you expect that when you're running.

Someone who tries to mask said smelliness is what really grosses me out! Just leave it be, save the cologne for a special occasion & shower when you get home, fella!

Or I can just have you do the dog pounce trick on him. >:-)

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