Serves You Right!

Philip Kolinski & a cohort apparently decided it was a good idea to collect scrap metal & trade it in. They claimed this would be for charity & not for profit. The charitable purpose?

Building a veterans' memorial.

Shamefully, both men traded in the metal for profit after using what apparently they thought was a heart-tugging subject to many people: Giving for veterans. Yes, that IS a noble pursuit - if you really mean to follow through. It is also the most shameful lie if you intent to make a profit in the name of memorializing those who have, and are, serving.

Fortunately, this was not lost on the judge who sentenced the man to clean a real veterans memorial with a toothbrush, a bucket, and - this is most important - a placard reading, "I Stole From Veterans".

I wish no harm upon this man & I do hope that plenty of people come to observe what is the price for such a horrible falsehood. I can only hope he learns his lesson from the punishment he has earned.


Harvey said...

"I wish no harm upon this man"

You're a better man than *I* am, then.

I'm thinking chronic dysentery at the very least.

HapKiDo said...

Well, to say he's done a horrible thing is an understatement. However, the heckling & shame he'll no doubt have to endure will either teach him a lesson OR he's a lost soul & will soon pay a larger price for the same conniving behavior.

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