Uh-oh! I have made a terrible omission on my site. I was busy blasting Harvey on his appropriately-named site, Bad Example, & having a, well, blast. Roses - who is NOT causing any trouble - & I got into a tomato-based battle, during which Mrs. Who of House Of Zathras decided to get involved...helping Roses!

Needless to say, I was (not really) flabbergasted!

Then I realized the problem: Not enough blog-appreciation for Mrs. Who! I didn't even have her well done site linked on my blog. Well, I'm just disappointed in myself. I dare say I deserved those tomatoes to be chucked in my general direction. :-P

Mrs. Who, sorry for not blogrolling you earlier! Love your site & thanks for the drink.


Mrs. Who said...


(read the following in a strong, Steel Magnolia Southern accent)

Well, my goodness! Aren't you just the sweetest thang!

Ah'll have to have you over for a mimosa or two!

HapKiDo said...

Mrs Who,
How on earth do you get such a convincing southern accent? I declare, I've never heard one like that since South Carolina! :-)

Keep the mimosa's chilled & I'll bring the honeysuckle tea & pecan pie.

Seriously, love the site & thanks for the comment!

Mrs. Who said...

Mmmmmm - pie! Do you say it peee-can (rhymes with 'He-man') or puh-cahn?

As for my accent: I grew up in Florida...but just across the Alabama border, and now live in Alabama. I really do sound so deep, deep Southern belle! (When I lived briefly in California, some wanna-be rednecks with whom I worked would come up to me and ask me to talk...they wanted to be Southern so badly!)

HapKiDo said...

Mrs Who,
Pretty much stick with the puh-cahn, myself. Have you ever tried derby pie? Great stuff, but terribly bad for you...

I lived in South Carolina for 10 years & am thinking about moving back there. Iowa's just not for me.

When I visited my native New York, my family up there would always want to hear the accent - just to mock it. Well, I hate to say it, but the nasaly Lon Gisland accent isn't like a lilting lullably...
(marvel at my alliteration!) :-)

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