Ah, the wonders of technology. It's developed so quickly that we almost lose track of how difficult it was to get cash (by comparison) about 20 years ago. Yes, the latest devices can tell you where you are, how to get there, what you're listening to & show clearer images than ever before. Who doesn't marvel at the thought of a new MP3 player with video playback & FM recording or an SLR digital camera? Surely, there's no limit to the wonderful things technology can do.

Which brings us to Websense. The crappiest technological terror since the first Death Star.

I was delighted - and by "delighted" I mean pissed off - to discover that the ol' MIS guys think Blogger is bad! Yes, that's right, I can view ESPN or wacky liberal blogs (ugh!) with reckless abandon, but Blogger is considered a "Social networking" site & is this banned by big brother...I
mean our altruistic technological caregiver.

Honestly, would you rather get your sports fix OR read the colorful, witty - dare I say endearing - commentary on this site? I thought so.

For the two of you who didn't decide to click over to ESPN (::waves at Roses & Mrs. Who::) I think you'll agree this is a travesty of justice! Have I not been wronged? Is there no limit to the denial of my rights as a blogger? Is there...uh, any way you can forgive this rant now that I
realized I can just type it up & post remotely through e-mail?

Technology, I win this round! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!


Mrs. Who said...

Hah! Bloggers will ALWAYS find a way. It's the natural order of things!

(But I can't get anything on the school computers. I can't even look up pictures of the pyramids or bugs or trees because image search is blocked completely!!! Checking e-mail or blogs....fuggedaboutit!)

HapKiDo said...

Mrs. Who,
Darn right, we will!

Uh, why is it exactly that your school gives you internet access, then? :-)

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