Harry Potter: OoTP

(No Spoilers)

Very well done movie. MUCH better than that high school drama that was GoF! Check out Roses' review for a great opinion on this movie (no spoilers there, either).

The acting was better than most previous installments & while some enjoyable parts of the book were cut (O.W.L.s, HELLO?) the overall spirit of the work was there. Any scene in which Dumbledore enters is a prelude to some of the best parts of the film and as a plus, Voldemort wasn't nearly as "Broadway" as he was at the end of GoF.

There was a sinister tone to the movie, just as in the book, and the climactic scene at the Ministry will take your breath away. I'd recommend any fan of the books (duh!) or anyone who likes a good action/drama without all the blood & guts check this one out.


Harvey said...

What? No blood & guts? :-(

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