No! Don't Offend Them

In another load of politically-correct crap, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will not allow fellow ministers to associate Muslims with Terrorism. Oh yeah, that whole "War on Terror" phrase, the one John Edwards calls a "bumper sticker slogan", is being dropped as well.

This comes fresh on the heels of multiple terrorist attacks in the UK. Honestly, does Neville Chamberlain the Second think appeasement EVER works? I can't tell you who came up with the idea that rewarding bad/evil/malicious behavior discourages evil but I can tell you this line of reasoning will take the world in a horrible direction.

Still, to be fair, maybe we should look at historical examples where aggression was met with appeasement & compare it with examples of people with a backbone...

Battle of Thermopylae: A small force of Spartans & Athenians, despite overwhelming odds & certain defeat, stood against the might of the Persian army. The aftermath united Greece in combating oppression & preserving the embers of democracy.

World War II: Then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain offers the Sudetenland to Hitler to stave off war. Claims, "We have bought peace in our time". The result? Millions of people killed, tortured & ruined in the bloodiest conflict ever known to man.

American Revolution: Under-represented & dissatisfied colonists rise up in declaration of their right to representation. Ultimately achieved independence & formed the nation that would become renowned for serving as a symbol of freedom around the globe.

Venezuela: Poorly represented & dissatisfied citizens rise up & elect a man, Hugo Chavez, dictator. Similar to the French with Napoleon, they are given the freedom to vote & manage to vote their rights away to an anti-American, pro-Iranian communist.

President Reagan: He stares down the Soviet threat & draws them into an economic/ideological race of magnificent proportions. The result? A bolstered & economically sound America. A ruined & divided Soviet empire.

President Carter: Pokes his head in the sand for 444 days while hostages languish in Iran after the Shah was deposed. The result? America looks weak around the world, hostages suffer for over a year & pay the price for pacifism.

Well, now it's obvious how much appeasement has helped us in the past. I tell you, if these liberals concerned themselves more with reading the history books instead of rewriting them, the world would be in much better shape.

Let's call a spade a spade & be done with the politically-correct crap. Yes, not all Muslims are terrorists - no one reasonable ever said they were - just as not all Italians are in the mob. Still, the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of terrorists ARE Muslim. This is not racial profiling, it's fact. The world would do well to take this advice:

Don't be afraid to see what you see.


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