Maybe She Works With Spinsters

An employee of the city of Detroit is suing to ban colleagues from wearing perfume at work. The plaintiff alleges she is made sick by the stuff. Not that I condone lawsuits, but something's gotta stop!

For anyone who has been living on a remote island (Hey, crew of the SS Minnow!) & hasn't been exposed the fifty-five year-old woman in every office who bathes in that same perfume (Ol' Yeller, I think it's called) that makes you gag & retch when she's upwind I ask you to feel our pain. This is a problem in every office in which I've worked. You get that person who thinks because they can't smell the perfume they've been wearing since the Coolidge administration that it must be losing its potency.

Their solution: douse themselves with enough of that porpoise hork to ward away a charging rhino.

Seriously ladies, however much you used in '65 will work just fine today. Keep that in mind before you make other people sick!


chlorinejenny said...

Gak! Cough! Sputter ! Heave!

I was HIKING IN THE FOREST and I past a woman wearing that perfume the other day. They don't call it an eau de toilete for nothing!

HapKiDo said...

I know what you mean! I was a freshman in college, sitting two rows behind a woman who must have soaked in this perfumy crap ALL night & I felt sorry for the people sitting on either side...

UNTIL! she started fanning herself with a folder. The retching sound that came from my location was rather humorous in retrospect. :-(

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