Time For 2nd Degree

Well, I haven't given an update on the 2nd degree (TKD) that I'm pursuing. Here's what I know:

My test will be on 7/31/2007, a Tuesday. It's going to be a long row to hoe. I have to keep up on the forms (13 of them), punch defense, self-defense, breaking & terminology. If that doesn't sound like much, give yourself a good slap...OK, don't do that! :-)

Seriously, keep in mind that I teach anywhere from two to three classes a week, have Hapkido as well & that nuisance of a job. Wow! That's even more stuff now that I look at it.

Master Rion did accept my essay for 2nd Degree. For anyone who wants to read that, I will be posting it after I'm promoted. Yes, like the Harry Potter book, you need to wait! Unlike the Harry Potter book, hopefully nobody dies in my test!

Wish me luck!


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