Then How Do You Define Stupid?

According to (P)MSNBC - Attorney General nominee Eric Holder told the Senate he considers water-boarding to be a form of torture.

Coming from a democrat, this makes perfect sense. Heaven forbid we concern ourselves with the lives of Americans who may be killed by terrorists. No, we have to consider treating these barbaric animals with decency so they won't be too mentally traumatized to fly hijacked airplanes - with Americans in them - into buildings - with Americans in them.

Mr. Holder apparently believes enemy combatants in Gitmo also deserve due process guaranteed to Americans in the Constitution. He would try some of these jihadists in US courts instead of military court martials, where the trials belong.

Mr. Holder, do you get your torture standards from senator Durbin? Do you expect out men & women in uniform to tickle terrorists into submission. This is war, sir! If pouring some water on the face of a restrained terrorist gets us answers that save lives, then - dammit - we need to take action! You liberal punks seem so secure in your world of theory that reality is forgotten.

Here's the question:
You're in an alley with your family. About 50 feet in, a man with a crazed look on his face & a big knife in his hand pops out about 25 feet from you, locks eyes & charges. No, in this case you DON'T have a gun. It's him or your family.

Do you:
a) Try and talk him down? (A: No, you moron, he's charging at you! Too late to talk.)
b) Tuck tail and run? (A: Sure. If you're a stinking coward who would abandon your family.)
c) Stand there and let everyone die?
d) Take action?

Option A, B & C are all going to get everyone killed, except the attacker. The fact is that being nice time is over. You either take action, even if it means you die letting your family get away, or you bear the blood of others on your hands because you did nothing. The answer seems so obvious with family in mind. Why is it that country doesn't carry similar importance for relativist-minded liberals?


pamibe said...

You liberal punks seem so secure in your world of theory that reality is forgotten.

Exactly! Too many of them would run, saving themselves and allow our country to be gutted.

And waterboarding can't be torture if myriad reporters have subjected themselves to it for the sake of a story...

Hapkido said...

It's all theory for leftists. I tried that question (with the gun) on people I knew to be conservative, moderate & liberal. The conservatives & moderates were universal in agreeing the attacker was a dead man.

Liberals? Well, they didn't disappoint. All they wanted to do was talk themselves through to a solution.

RonnyEngrish said...

Well aren't most Muggers in fact Liberals. Conservatives that I know would not stoop to such levels. This would explain the reason that there are so many of both still left in the world. Dem meets Mugger. "Gimme your money or well talk." I am pretty sure that is how Oprah, Donnahue and Letterman all got started.

If you ask liberals to try waterboarding and they live to tell the tale then it cannot be bad. Shoot it may end up being an amusement ride at 6 flags.

The real Dark Alley question should be: Is walking through dark alleys considered baiting?

Mrs. Who said...

Way OT here, but Hap and Ronny, y'all both have an award at my place. Get it here.

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