I like this air fall better!


pamibe said...

The other pictures are cool, but this one is awesome!

Not that I know anything about what you're doing; just looks neat. ;)

RonnyEngrish said...

What I would like to know is ... When that guy said "Pull my finger" is that what he had in mind? :)

Congrats on 2nd degree.

Mrs. Who said...

Now why do I have "I'm Flying" from Peter Pan going through my mind?

It looks like fun!

Hapkido said...

Pamibe: Lots of names for it: flip side fall, air fall, crazy...

It's a defense for someone throwing you or allowing an escape from certain joint locks.

Ronny: He certainly didin't expect me to fly off the ground like that! He gave quite a tug. ha ha

Mrs. Who: It was playing in the background...I asked Master Rion to edit Tink out of the picture!

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