Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich Sacrificed

What just happened?


I am not Defending Gov. Rod Blagojevich. I am defending due process which just got a serious rectal raping from the Senate.

Either one or two things just blew up in America.
1) Due process died. In which case. La Cosa Nostra will reign supreme. I will show you how.
If the government cannot process a fair trial even if it is just accusations. Then they cannot be trusted to conduct themselves when it comes to a REAL TRIAL with real crimes.

2) The communist election that just took place in the United States Senate threatens to undermine the United States Government as a whole. It will do much better than any outside enemy has ever dreamed.
IF Blago is guilty and he may very well be (I think that there is a good chance he is) then by attacking him with such Cowardly tactics is without honor. No Defense. Innocent until proven guilty.
If Blago wants to fight this he now has PLENTY of grounds for which to do it.
It was not handled according to the Illinois Constitution which clearly has rules that the House would preside over any impeachment. Blago can tell the Cowards of the Senate to "Screw Off" and they can't do anything about it.

First I think that the Senators should all be tried for Treason for participating in this mockery of Justice. Then when they are found guilty they should be taken out to the Rose Garden and Shot in the head as Traitors against the United States Of America.
Then we send this to the House for a proper trial / hearing and let them have a shot at doing their jobs. If Rod Blagojevich is found guilty in a fair trial then justice will have it's say.

Tell then......We are all in danger of a comunist trial of accusation.
It is a dark day in America. A very Dark and Dangerous day.


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