nObama the fearless leader or Clueless MORON!

First thing he does is close Gitmo. Second thing he does is turn tail in Iraq. This may come as a shock to you all but I totally agree with him. I think we should be done with these people that hate us so much. These people that cannot get out from under the foot of tyranny are just going to have to deal with the cards that they are dealt. Hey we did not do it why is it our problem? Why are we doing all the work that no one else in the world will do? Quite frankly it is taxing my nerves, taxing my patience, and taxing my moral fortitude and taxing my wallet.

I say that he should get us out of Iraq and that he should get the lights and be the last one out....If he makes it.

It makes me sick to think of the decisions our Great Military have to face now. Join up and protect the country we love or follow the directions of a commander in cheif who will do little more than piss on their graves.

Yeah nObama. Close Gitmo. Get all our soldiers out of Iraq. BUT YOU BE THE LAST ONE WITH YOUR UNPROTECTED POSTERIOR HANGING IN THE WIND WHEN YOU GET ON THE PLANE. If you don't get shot dead then you were right. Congratulations. Care to take the bet? Didn't think so. You need something called COURAGE. That is something you are dearly lacking.

Batten down the hatches America. You are in for a four year tour in a hell storm of your own choosing.

He decides to promote organizations with abortion agendas on foreign soil with Federal Dollars. Sure I like spending my money on funding abominiations.

It is Day Three. 1457 days to go. God Save Us.


Bitterroot said...

Bible - Check.
Guns - Check, check, check, check...etc.
Bitterness with which to cling to the above. *gritting teeth* Check.

A long four years, indeed!

Hapkido said...

Uh oh! My guns are in South Carolina! What do I do?!?!

pamibe said...

I'm with Bitterroot. I'm clinging!! LOL!

And I'm trying very, very hard to keep a positive attitude. That, however, is being eroded day by day because of everything mentioned.

I don't want to sink into Obama Derangement Syndrome, but at the same time everything he does is so antithetic to my beliefs.

RonnyEngrish said...

BR: I hear ya and sympathize.
4 guns makes it interesting on clinging with only two hands. My father a hobbiest gunsmith taught me: Pick the clip loaded Desert Eagle (or equivilent). Any fool that gets near the gun safe will understand what "one for all and all for one" really means.

Hap: You can borrow one of mine. I trust you. Other wise you could use one of those hapkido magic tricks and rip a beating heart out of the chest of the would be gun restrictors. Same concept as one for all.. but goes "See my finger See my thumb...."

Pamibe: Keep clinging to the faith and/or guns girl! We got your back.
..would be the another translation of "One for all and all for one."

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